Medical Units

Unit Phone Number

Telephones: 08-9441917, 08-9441915
Fax: 08-9410461

Visiting Hours

​ Sunday-Thirsday 16:00-8:00 


Near Havatzelet gate, pediatrics ER

HIV Institute - Neve Or

Manager: Dr. Daniel Elbirt

The institute diagnoses treats and follows up HIV patients and potential exposures after exposing of a health worker or any other individual exposed to an HIV carrier / patient by means of sexual contact.

The “Neve Or” institute cares for HIV patients and carriers, and is one of the most experienced in Israel and the largest of them. The institute, managed by Dr. Daniel Elbirt, cares for patients with the help of a multi-disciplinary staff, including doctors, a nurse, social worker, nutritionist and psychologist.

The institute also has a unique dental clinic to care for HIV carriers.
We also conduct clinical and lab research regarding the disease, its treatment and its side-effect. 

Admission Hours for HIV Carrier tests:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 to 12:00

Medical staff

Attending Physicians:

Dr. Daniel Elbirt
Dr. Ilan Asher
Dr. Laliv Kedar
Dr. Ben Warner
Dr. Michael Burke
Dr. Keren Mahleb-Guri
Dr. Shira Rosenberg-Betzalel

Head Nurse:
Tova Achiel