The Services provided in the Center for Heart Rehabilitation and Prevention of Heart Disease:

​The Heart Rehabilitation Center provides services to prevent cardiovascular diseases, the services are designated for patients following various cardiac events.

Heart Rehabilitation (included in the Health Basket)

  • Group fitness training twice a week
  • Nurse consultation and follow up
  • Cardiologist medical consultation and follow up
  • Physiologist consultation and follow up
  • Nutritionist - primary group session
  • Psychologist - primary  session if necessary
  • Conventions and lectures

Activities (not included in the Health Basket)

  • Personal fitness training
  • Health activity in the training hall for patients with risk factors, to prevent chronic diseases
  • Pilates training in an adaptive therapeutic approach
  • Diet group
  • Mental support group - with a psychologist

Heart Rehabilitation Center Staff

Cardiology Management
Prof. Kobi George

Center Staff
Manager: Suzy Fuchs

Dr. Oded Eisenberg, Medical Manager Senior Cardiologist Dr. Leibmann Emanuel, Internal Medicine Expert
Nurses: Suzy Fuchs, Danieli Nadia

Clinical Stress Physiologist: Dr. Ayelet Giladi

Fitness Trainers: Iris Appelbaum Alex Novosidiuk Mali Sadeh Shachar Reich Havivian Ya’ara Oren Sha’anan