Keeping You Safe: Heart Congestion Institute in the Kaplan Medical Center

The heart congestion institute in the Kaplan Medical Center, managed by Prof. Sorel Goland, is one of the largest in Israel, and provides patients suffering from heart congestion with professional and advanced care, and a supportive and friendly system.

In the institute, the patient receives the inclusive care in one place, if possible, at the same day, thanks to the division of the institute between a clinic and an outpatient unit.

The patients usually come to the clinic, but patients who are more severe, are usually required to be admitted with any worsening of their condition, sometimes for longer periods of time, which disrupt the routine lives of the patient and their families.

Kaplan has an outpatient system for congestion heart patients. Instead of being admitted with each worsening of their conditions, the patients arrive as outpatients in the morning, undergo all required tests and receive the treatments they need - ECG, pacemaker test, nurse, nutritionist, etc. By noon, they can leave for their homes.

Innovative drugs and therapies

The heart congestion institute includes a unit dealing with  clinical research and patients who desire get to participate in studies and a chance to get innovative treatments and drugs before entering the national health basket. For instance, the Entresto drug for heart congestion who entered the basket only three years ago - is used with us for many years in groups of patients who participated in three studies.

High-risk pregnancy clinic for heart patients

Women suffering from heart conditions often have to waive pregnancy and birth, due to their medical condition, which may pose a threat to them.

The clinic is a cooperation between the heart congestion institute, the high-risk pregnancy clinic and Prof. Edi Weisbuch. The clinic staff, which includes expert doctors and nurses from cardiology and gynecology, diagnoses women with heart conditions from the first day of pregnancy, in order to prevent complications during pregnancy, childbirth and post partum.

In addition, the clinic assists women suffering from peripartum cardiomyopathy, which develops during pregnancy.

The patients receive an extensive service which includes building a regular guidance program for the duration of the pregnancy, including imaging, meticulous follow up and fast treatment in full cooperation of the women.

Thanks to the clinic, many women who suffer from heart conditions before their pregnancy, or women who developed peripartum cardiomyopathy are able to maintain their pregnancy, and their hearts.


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