The Pediatrics Ward in the Kaplan Medical Center includes:

The ward has two admittance departments, internal and surgical medicine, in which it is possible to admit children and teens, until 16 years of age, who underwent surgeries such as general surgeries (pediatric surgery), ENT surgeries, urology surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.
The staff of doctors, nurses and paramedics (including nutritionists, physical therapists, medical clowns, etc) do their best to provide professional and dedicated care and a personal, caring and warm attitude to each of the children. The attending doctors all have various pediatrics sub-specialties and each of them holds a clinic in this specialty.

Contact Us

Pediatric ward
Telephone: 08-9441276
Fax: 08-9411942

Inner wing
Telephone: 08-9441375
Fax: 08-9441252
Nurses station: 08-9441277

Surgical ward
Telephone: 08-9440209
Fax: 08-9440172
Nurses station: 08-9441244