Calcium Scoring Exam

If you are between 45 and 75 and suffer from risk factors for cardiac problems such as a family history, smoking, diabetes, blood lipids, hypertension or obesity, calcium score can save your lives



This test enables the doctor to assess the patient’s chance to develop an ischemic heart condition


A quick CT without contrast, under lower radiation from the regular CT radiation, which is non-invasive.


The test is conducted subject to a letter from a cardiologist and it is not a part of the health services basket

Cardiac arteries calcium scoring is a survey test to examine the calcification load on the cardiac arteries, as an expression of sclerosis.

The test results enable the doctor to assess the chances of the patient to develop an ischemic heart condition or heart congestion and assist them to prevent the development of an ischemic heart condition or congestion.

Calcium Scoring is a quick CT scan without contrasting agents, under lower radiation than that used in a regular CT scan and it is non-invasive. The subjects are connected to an ECG and the quality of the test depends on the cardiac rhythm.

The test examines the amount of calcium accumulated on the cardiac arterial walls and it is possible to identify and evaluate the severity of the situation in primary stages of the test. The test results are received in 10 days, and you should see your attending physician with these results.

If necessary, a patient who is in high risk of developing a heart condition, could receive guidance for a healthier lifestyle and preventive medical care.

The test is not included in the national health services basket and its cost is 689 NIS. The test is subject to a letter from a cardiologist.

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