Coming Soon to Kaplan: Remote Heart Rehabilitation

Need to undergo heart rehabilitation but prefer to do the activity at home? There is a new and convenient way - remote heart rehabilitation. How does it work? When to start? All the details follow.

Tending to the heart does not end after you leave the hospital. Therefore, if you underwent a cardiac failure, surgery, catheterization or treatment for congestion, the caring for the heart continues in the heart rehabilitation institute.

The role of the cardiac rehabilitation institute is to regain the routine lifestyles of the discharged patients, while providing tools to keeping their hearts, preventing other cardiac failures, and balancing risk factors such as hypertension, blood lipids, diabetes and obesity.

In the heart rehabilitation you will receive a professional plan integrating guided, controlled and safe physical activity with nutritional advice and medications.

The activity is usually conducted in groups in the heart rehabilitation center, but it can also be personal if you are interested (not included in the national basket).

Soon there will be a new option in the Kaplan Medical Center - remote heart rehabilitation, suitable for low risk patients.

What is Remote Heart Rehabilitation?
Remote heart rehabilitation is the construction of a physical activity plan, fit for each patient, which he can perform wherever he wants. The control and monitoring are conducted using a pulse watch, that connects with a designated app you can download to your smartphone.

The remote control and monitoring enable the accessibility of the physical activity programs in an atmosphere and environment familiar and safe for the patient, whenever he feels comfortable, without the need to come to the clinic. The supervision, monitoring and guidance will be according to standard professional recommendations, with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of a cardiologist, a nurse, a physical trainer, an effort physiologist, a nutritionist and a psychologist.

Patients who suffered from a heart condition understand the importance of heart rehabilitation and know how being strict with a plan can aid in the treatment and prevention of further illness and morbidity. However, lack of motivation to perform physical activity, finding the time to arrive to the heart rehabilitation clinic twice a week, the bother and even procedures such as parking problems, and making convenient appointments in the rehabilitation facilities - make the patients avoid coming to them.

Who is the service for?
Patients who are entitled to heart rehabilitation, are at low risk and do not suffer from arrhythmias, who underwent a medical evaluation and received an approval by a cardiologist from the heart rehabilitation institute.

How to join?
Registration starts on November 2019. Interested patients will contact the heart rehabilitation institute by phone 08-9440840

The remote rehabilitation activity will begin in January 2020.