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Mommy K - Kaplan’s Maternity Club

​​Our maternity club is home for all that is important and interesting during pregnancy and towards birth. We invite you to get to know the staff, to prepare for your labor with a preparation class or workshops for parents to be. For more details - call us *6977 or fill in the form and we will get back to you soon

​Birth Class

Our maternity club concentrates the birth classes, delivered by experienced midwives, who specialize in delivering the relevant knowledge regarding the various manners of birth, professionally and concisely. The course includes two meetings and a tour of the maternity ward. Participance in the course is subject to a registration fee.
For more information contact us on *6977

Tours, you are welcome to visit us

Every week there are tours in the delivery room and in the maternity and neonatal wards. We invite you, with a partner of your choice, to participate in the tour delivered by a midwife, in order to get to know the place and have your impression of it. The tour of the delivery room is free of charge and lasts about 90 minutes.
During the tour you can see the delivery rooms, the implementation of full rooming in and zero separation policies and the options for natural delivery.
For more information contact us on *6977

Personal meeting with a midwife

A personal meeting of the couple with a midwife is designated to relieve your fears from the birth, to verify your expectations and to make sure that your birth experience resembles your plan as much as possible.
The meeting is designated for women during their first pregnancies who never experienced birth before, and also for women in recurring pregnancies, whose birth experience in the past was different from that which they expected. During the meeting, they can process the former delivery and realize the places they can change to make this experience more like what they want. During the meeting, you can discuss issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth, caring for the baby and admittance after birth.
For more information contact us on *6977

Preparation for Caesarean section

For women designated to have a caesarean section, you are invited to a free workshop to prepare you for you operation. The meeting’s objective is to provide the couple with all the necessary information about the optimal mental and physical preparation for the surgery, and with tools to cope with the first period after the surgery.
In the preparation workshop, you will meet the ward psychologist who will guide you regarding efficient preparations for the surgery and about coping with its mental implications, an OB/GYN who will answer all your questions and a midwife who will guide you on how to physically prepare, before the surgery and on the day of the surgery, and how to efficiently cope with things after the surgery.

Ultra Check - Delivery Room Ultrasound

An ultrasound device in the delivery room, just for you. Using ultrasound helps us decrease the number of physical examinations that can be unpleasant and even painful such as dilation examination.
Using the ultra check we examine the cervix externally and can monitor the progress of your delivery in real time, and so the ultra check helps us decrease the pain and inconvenience, and also the risk of infections and the need for interventions.

Post partum guidance

We offer a variety of guidance and activities designated to assist you to accumulate high quality knowledge and provide you with tools to prepare for life after birth, how to care for the baby and yourselves.
Breastfeeding preparation session for pregnant women
Personal breastfeeding guidance by certified instructors and counsellors
Baby care guidance
Mother guidance about post partum
New dad guidance
For Clalit insured - a Tipat Halavnurse who arrives for a first session in the ward, at your bedside.
The staff includes an experienced and discrete social worker, who is ready to assist in emotional and economical distresses and in cases of domestic violence.

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Location: Pavilion 8