Medical Units

Unit Phone Number

​Telephone: 08-9441160 
Fax: 08-9440081

Infectious diseases

Unit Manager: Prof. Oren Tsimhoni

Consulting Medicine in the Hospital

  • Diagnosis and care services for patients of infectious diseases from the community or from the hospital.
  • The unit doctors prescribe the antibiotics provision policy for the hospital and supervise the limitation of special antibiotics.
  • The infectious disease unit deals with preventing infections.
  • The doctors of the infectious disease unit, in cooperation with the microbiology lab, determine the tests required to diagnose infectious diseases. 

Research Areas


  • Activity and resistance mechanisms of Tuberculosis for Pyrazinamide
  • An enzyme producing a single type of fatty acids for Tuberculosis treatment
  • Pantothenic acid transferers in Tuberculosis

Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Treatment:

The research is conducted in cooperation with the structural biology department, Proteomics in the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Israeli Center for Personalized Medicine

Consulting Clinic

The unit doctors provide clinic services on Thursdays from 13:30 to 14:30. Phone: 08-9441350.
Location: level 4 in the clinic building.
To schedule an appointment, send a referral by fax: 08-9441912.
Arrive after receiving a referral and a 17 form from your family physician.

The clinic staff treats and advises patients suffering from chronic / repetitive infectious problems in the community.

Also, the clinic is referred patients fearing they suffer from infectious diseases after returning to Israel from abroad. 


The unit doctors teach and mentor doctors and medical students: fourth year, internal rounds and sixth year infectious diseases elective rounds. The unit trains interns in infectious diseases and doctors in infectious diseases elective rounds.

Medical staff

Manager of Infectious Diseases Unit:
Prof. Oren Tsimhoni

Manager of infection prevention unit and acting manager of infectious diseases unit:
Dr. Pnina Chiubotero

Attending, Infectious disease expert: 
Dr. Inbal Fuchs

Attending, Infectious disease expert: 
Dr. Victoria Yacobenco

Pediatric Doctor, infectious diseases expert:
Dr. Alex Guri

Infection prevention supervisor:
Mrs. Mali Oved

Sigal Naim Peknayev