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General ER: 08-9441211
Fax No. 08-9441711

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​The Emergency Center is active 24 hours a day, all year long


​The Emergency Center is located in the main building, entrance from the Gedera Gate, Pasternak St.

Emergency Medicine Center – General Emergency Room

Emergency Room Manager – Dr. Arkadi Shkaliar



The Kaplan ER receives about 90,000 patients annually


When you arrive to the ER, please present a letter from your physician and/or an obligation form (Form no. 17) which can be received in your HMO


In certain cases, it is possible to receive complete exemption from the ER treatment fee, to specify these cases, scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Kaplan Emergency Medicine Center or, in its more familiar name, the Kaplan Emergency room, serves the population of the area, which consists of more than half a million residents. The Emergency center works around the clock to provide medical services to urgent cases and perform patient triage for hospitalization units and to the community.

The Kaplan Emergency room acts to provide patients with the best and most efficient are. The Emergency room staff is well aware of the existing overload and understands that arriving to the ER and waiting in it, might often be involved in stress and fear, and does its best to ease your stay and grant each and every one of you with the most professional and dedicated care.


The order of patient reception and treatment in the Kaplan Emergency Center is not necessarily connected to the order of arrival, but it is based on the level of urgency and severity of the medical problem, which are determined by the discretion of the medical staff.

For your information, the average length of stay in the emergency unit is about six hours. During this time, we will perform various tests, according to the reason of your arrival and your condition, until we can understand your condition and recommend the best treatment for you.

If a doctor determined that you should be admitted to the hospital, reception to the unit is determined according to its availability.
You can come to the emergency room escorted by one person.

When can you receive full exemption from fee and treatment costs in the ER:
1. An insured individual arriving to the ER with a medical letter and or form no. 17, and was not admitted to the hospital.
2. An insured individual admitted to the hospital without a medical letter or form no. 17.
3. A work injury, with a permit from his employer (form 250) regarding his work injury
4. A road accident injury, arriving by ambulance or bringing a letter from the police regarding the accident.
5. A student, injured in school, or in a school trip (“school accident”) with a permit from school.
6. An insured individual referred to a general emergency room, according to the instructions of a district psychiatrist or a court order in a criminal case, according to the law of mental health treatment.
7. An insured individual who referred or was referred to an emergency room in a psychiatric hospital.
8. An insured individual who referred to the ER in the following cases:
• Cases of a new fracture
• Cases of acute dislocation of shoulder or any other joint
• An injury requiring stitching or any other patching measures
• Cases of foreign body inhalation.
• Cases of foreign body in eyes.
• Cases of cancer treatment
• Cases of hemophilia treatment
• Cases of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) treatment
• A pregnant woman in labor
• Cases of evacuation by the Magen David Adom Ambulance, from the street, or from any other public area, due to a sudden event.
• Babies until the age of two months, referring due to the sudden appearance of high fever (above 38.5 Centigrade)
• Cases of dialysis treatments
• Cases of a victim of family violence or sexual abuse (only when it is determined that the referral is medically justified).