Medical Units

Unit Phone Number

​Telephone: 08-9441211
Fax: 08-9441717


Unit Manager: Dr. Guy Lin

Kaplan Medical Center is one of the regional trauma centers in Israel. About 2,200 wounded individuals are admitted to the hospital every year, from them about 90 suffer from difficult or severe injuries

The unit is responsible to care for the wounded individual from his acceptance to the Emergency Medicine Unit and until his discharge from the hospital. Also, the unit concentrates the care for wounded individuals admitted to the various units of the hospital.

Upon reception, the wounded individual is greeted by a team of surgery, orthopedics and anesthesia interns and experts and also by nurses from the Emergency Medicine Unit.
After primary stabilization, the individual is transferred to continue his diagnostic and treatment in the imaging institute (X-Ray) or in the operating room.
The unit staff, which includes the manager of the trauma unit and a trauma coordinating nurse, accompanies the individual until he is discharged from the hospital.

Additional Activities in the Trauma Unit

• The unit conducts a constant process of quality assurance which is designated to improve the processes of treating wounded individuals.
• The unit staff  is active in clinical research and is responsible for trauma and urgent surgery teaching for interns and students.
• We conduct constant training to teams of medical assistants and paramedics from MDA and IDF.
• The team staff also participates in preparing the hospital to cope with mass casualty incidents, and during such events is the party responsible for treating all casualties.

Medical staff

Unit Manager: Dr. Guy Lin
Coordinating Nurse: Mrs. Margeaux Nevo