Information for Parents before Surgeries

All you need to know before the surgery, on the day of the surgery and following it

Visiting the Pre-Op Clinic

A surgeon from the unit will refer you to the pre-op clinic after your child was examined and diagnosed as needing a surgery. On this day, you must come to the pediatric surgical unit on level 4 of the children’s building and open a chart with the secretary. You must have a referral and an obligation form with you.
The visit lasts for about two hours and during it your child will be examined by a pediatric surgeon, an anesthesiologist and a nurse.

  • Pediatric surgeon test – the doctor will examine your child, conduct a medical admittance, and provide you with explanations about the surgery. You will have an option to ask questions and you will be asked to sign a consent form.
  • Anesthesiologist test – the test is designated to identify medical issues that require special attention for the anesthesia process. The anesthesiologist will examine your child, provide an explanation about the anesthesia and determine the length of fast required before the operation. You will have an option to ask questions and you will be asked to sign a consent form.
  • Nurse examination – the nurse conducts a nursing admittance, provide an explanation about the protocols in the unit and orients you around the unit.
    The acquaintance with the unit and the staff assists you and your child in decreasing the anxiety from the surgery.

Scheduling a Surgery

The unit’s secretary will update you regarding the date of the surgery, the hour of fast and the hour of arrival to the hospital before the surgery.

Day of Surgery

You must arrive at the pediatric emergency room and open an admittance chart. You don’t need another obligation form.

  • Your child must be fasting, according to the instructions given by the secretary.
  • In case you were asked, bring images / tests conducted outside the hospital.
  • It is recommended to have a toy or a favorite object to ease your child.

In the unit, you will receive a room, your child will change to the hospital pajamas, and an orderly will take the child to the operation room in his bed, with his parents.
Babies from 9 months of age, can be escorted by one of the parents into the operation room until he falls asleep.
After the surgery, your child will be transferred to recovery, where you can be next to him until he returns to the unit.

Follow up in the clinic after surgery

About a week after discharge, you will be called in for a clinic follow up.

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We wish you a positive experience and a good health

The unit staff