Unit Phone Number

Telephone: 08-9441255
Fax: 08-9441145
Nurses station: 08-9441669

Pediatric Outpatient

Interim unit manager: Dr. Michal Kuri

For a few years, pediatric medicine is marching towards ambulatory medicine services, without admittance, to ease the children and the families and to prevent them the difficulties of admittance to a hospital.

The pediatric outpatient unit grants medical and nursing services to children of all ages, from babies to adolescents:

  • Short treatments and therapies that demand a stay of a few hours such as: spinal tap or bone marrow tap, intravenous injection of iron, of antibodies etc. According to need, some of the procedures are conducted under general anesthesia and the supervision of a certified anesthesiologist.
  • Treatment for children with a complex medical issue that demands a more thorough clarification (such as multi-disciplinary clarification, complex blood drawing, imaging and/or need for external consultants)
  • Performing various diagnoses, especially endocrine diagnoses, such as the one for the secretion of growth hormones, early puberty, etc.

Medical staff

Supervising nurse: Mrs. Osnat Hamani