Unit Phone Number

Telephone: 08-9441275
Fax: 08-9441975

Pediatric Emergency Ward – Pediatric Emergency Room

Unit manager: Dr. Uri Bella

About 30 thousand children are admitted to the children emergency room annually. The department provides emergency medicine services to children of the area: from Rishon Letzion in the north and up to Kiriat Gat in the south, from Jerusalem in the East and up to Ashdod in the west. The unit is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on weekdays, Saturdays and holidays.

The main objective of the emergency medicine unit is to provide immediate and initial answer in life threatening situations such as: shortness of breath, severe infections, poisoning, drowning and accidents.

We are happy that most children that arrive to be treated in the emergency medicine ward are not suffering from a medical emergency. The vast majority of children are referred by their pediatricians or the family doctors in the community for urgent medical and lab advice. Mostly, these children are referred for clarifications which require x-ray or lab results, or urgent professional consult of experts in various fields of pediatrics. A correct  diagnosis of the medical problem allows to treat the child in the best possible way, in situations that require admittance for constant monitoring and care or at home, under the follow up of the caring physician.

The emergency room doctors have vast experience in handling emergencies and primary care of children.
In order to keep on giving the best answer for the children in need of emergency care, the doctors are constantly updated in the innovations of the field. Also, the emergency room doctors don’t only treat the many children referred to the emergency room, but also guide the many doctors that come to learn the theory of pediatric emergency medicine and be updated in the innovations of the field – interns of pediatric medicine, family doctors, immigrant doctors and community pediatrists.

The unit nurses are highly skilled and experienced in nursing children and supporting the parents, who are under emotional stress due to the situation of their children.

The Kaplan Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Room received the first prize in a large-scaled survey of the client experience between all of the Clalit Hospitals.

Medical staff

Dr. Galit Brener
Dr. Arik Shaier
Dr. Inga Vexler
Dr. Liat Rom

Supervising Nurse:
Mrs. Edna Ben Hamo