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Unit Phone Number

Telephone: 08-9441260 or 08-9441206/212
Fax: 08-9441992

Pediatric ER telephone in case of emergency: 08-9441275

Endocrinology and Diabetes - Children

Unit Manager: Prof. Zung Amnon

The unit treats patients with a variety of problems connected with endocrinology (hormones) of children and adolescents. The unit’s service includes diagnosis, treatment and follow up of babies, children and adolescents.

The unit staff is multi-disciplinary and includes doctors, nurses, nutritionist, psychologist and medical secretaries. The unit received international recognition due to its activity and its achievements in growth and early and late adolescence.

Main areas of activity:
Youth diabetes
Growth disruptions
Early and late development
Adrenal diseases
Thyroid diseases
Disruptions in calcium levels and rickets

Growth disruptions – the unit has a unique database of growth data of Israeli children. The data were collected since 1977 by Prof. Tzadik. The unit creates unique developments of mathematical growth models and expectancies, based on the experience accumulated and the Israeli children database.
Using these mathematical models it is possible to analyze the growth pattern of the examined child, make forecasts and follow the results of the different treatments. With the growth treatment we provide nutritional assistance which improves the results of the various treatments. These unique methods often prevent redundant treatments, and in many cases improve the growth using nutrition and without any need of medications.

Early and Late development – advanced lab methods conducted in the Kaplan Medical Center enhance the efficiency of the treatment and the follow up after the early and late development of our patients. The integration between a team of experts which deals with nutrition in our unit allows in many cases the completion of nutritional deficiencies that promote development without need of drugs. In cases that patients require treatment, there is a variety of short-term treatments to make up for the gap of the patients and their age.

Diabetes clinic – under the supervision of Dr. Amnon Zung, we conduct diagnosis, follow up and treatment in diabetic children. The follow up after the patients is done using modern devices which allow the discovery of hidden changes in the blood sugar levels and treating them accordingly

Medical staff

Prof. Zvi Tzadik
Dr. Borondokov Ella
Dr. Glaser Tamar
Dr. Sharon Straussman

Yemima Mahatzari
Nurit Fishbein
Yehudit Primerman

Inbar Tova Eshkar

Liraz Shorek

Medical Secretaries:
Tchia Omasi
Tammy Zaguri