General Surgery Wards in Kaplan Medical Center

The general surgery wards are on the fourth floor of the central admittance building of the Kaplan Medical Center and includes two wards, north and south. The wards have 70 beds.
The wards operate a wide range of outpatient clinic for consulting, evaluation and follow up: breast health center, obesity clinic, liver surgery clinic, proctology clinic, hernia clinic and general surgery clinics.
The operations are conducted in the operating rooms which are in the second floor of the central admittance building and in the surgical outpatient clinic, on the building’s basement floor. Next to the recovery room on the second floor there is a waiting area for families, where the surgeons go and update the families after the surgery is completed.

The division includes a few professional units, specializing in specific surgery fields:

At the same floor we have the unit for vascular surgeries (in the north wing) and the plastic surgery unit (on the south wing)

The surgical wards also have an emergency and trauma surgery unit and an elective surgery unit.
The emergency surgery unit admits the patients and injured people admitted through the emergency medicine unit (the emergency room).
The elective surgery unit admits patients designated for scheduled surgeries.


Dr. Eli Mavor – Head of Surgical wards and manager of elective surgery unit.
Dr. Guy Levin – Manager of emergency surgery and trauma unit
Dr. Victor Buyevitz – vice manager of wards and supervisor of elective surgery unit
Ilana ben Ayon – Supervising nurse, north admittance wing
Dorit Kalmanovitz – Supervising nurse, south admittance wing
Riki Tal – Social worker for surgical wards
Mrs. Esther Moshe – secretary of the elective surgery unit
Mrs. Tzippi Barzilai – secretary of the emergency surgery unit

 Attendings in the Surgical Units

Dr. Tanir Elweis – Manager of the breast health center
Dr. Oscar Lifshitz – Manager of the complex abdominal wall hernias service
Dr. Sergei Levin – manager of the ambulatory surgery service
Dr. Barak Bar Zakai – interim chief of liver, pancreas and biliary surgery
Dr. Rafi Miller – general surgery
Dr. Baruch Dawidowitz – colon surgery and proctology
Dr. Svetlana Michalenkin – colon surgery and proctology
Dr. Yisaschar Chatzubi – general surgery
Dr. Reuven Elinger – general surgery
Dr. Victor Korakin – general surgery
Dr. Mark Golman – general surgery