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Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Surgery

Unit Manager: Dr. Barak Bar Zakai

The unit for liver, pancreas and biliary surgery is active as a part of the general surgery unit and branched to the Hadassah medical school in Jerusalem.

So far, more than two hundred surgeries were conducted in the unit, especially complex oncological surgeries in the liver, pancreas and biliary.

Another highly complex in the department work, apart from the oncological cases, is caring for biliary harms and biliary reconstructions.

Liver, pancreas and biliary surgeries are done both openly and laparoscopically, adapted to each case. These are the most complex surgeries in general surgery. It is impossible to perform these surgeries without having a complete designated system to provide support and care for the patients, 24/7.

The unique system in the Kaplan Medical Center includes: oncology, pathology, imaging, gastroenterology, the hospital intensive care unit, invasive radiology, outpatient clinics and a team of nutritionists.

Working in the unit is conducted using a multi-team work model, while maintaining cooperation with all parts of the system on a daily basis.

The unit is the first in its kind as a teaching hospital thanks to the following:

  • Advanced equipment and technology: the unit is equipped with the best designated gear for these surgeries, both for open surgeries and for surgeries performed laparoscopically (micro invasively).
  • A designated operation room team including anesthetic doctors and nurses working in a uniform manner
  • A designated clinic for the unit active on Mondays.
  • Personal treatment and guidance for the patients before and after the surgery.
  • Daily teaching work with students.

The head of the unit is Dr. Barak Bar Zakai, who interned in liver and pancreas surgery in France, with the best liver surgeons in the world. Between 2008-2014 he worked and established with the late Prof. Abraham Tzerniak the department for liver and pancreas surgeries in Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer.

Dr. Miller Rafael is an attending in the deparment. He also interned liver surgeries in leading centers in France.

Medical staff

Dr. Barak Bar Zakai
Dr. Rafael Miller