Unit Phone Number

North Section:  08-9441332,
South Section: 08-9441291,

Elective Surgery Unit

Unit Manager: Dr. Eli Mavor

The elective surgery unit admits patients who need a scheduled surgery, after being evaluated as outpatients, various institutes or clinics in the community. Most patients undergo the final preparation for surgery within the pre-surgical clinic, to which they are invited by the department secretary.

The evaluation in the pre-surgical clinic includes an examination by the unit’s doctors, an anesthesiologist and a nursing evaluation conducted by the unit’s nurse. Most patients will be called in for admittance on the day of the surgery, apart from patients who require any preparation that requires an early admittance. Exact guidelines about the date of admittance and the ward in which the patients are admitted to will be provided to the patients by the secretary towards the surgery.

The elective surgery unit includes a few units that specialize in specific areas of general surgery. These units are managed by experts, who are responsible for treating their patients, from referring them to surgery, the surgery itself, the care during the post-operative admittance, and the follow up after surgery within the outpatient clinics. The responsibility for coordinating the various units and the constant work of the department lays on the vice manager of the department.

Much like patients in the emergency surgery unit, the nursing of the patients admitted to the elective unit is provided by the nurses in the wing that the patient is admitted to and is under the responsibility of the supervising nurse of that wing. The sanitary workers of each wing, physical therapists, nutritionist and social worker, also care for the needs of all the patients.

Elective Surgery

Medical staff

Department vice manager: Dr. Victor Buyavitz
Unit Secretary: Mrs. Esther Moshe