Unit Phone Number

​North wing: 08-9441332, 08-9441592
South wing: 08-9441291,08-9441591

Emergency Surgery and Trauma

Unit Manager: Dr. Guy Levin

​The team of the emergency surgery unit is responsible for hospitalization and treatment of patients who arrive to the Medical Center urgently, including trauma patients.
Within this framework, the team is responsible for the activity of the surgical emergency room.
Also, the staff provides emergency consults to other units of the medical center, and if necessary, transfers patients from other units.
The unit’s patients are admitted to two wards and if necessary, to the surgical intensive care unit and the increased treatment rooms in the two wards.
During their admittance, the responsibility for caring for those patients, including emergency surgeries if necessary, is laid on the unit manager and his team, which is a number of attendings, interns and training doctors. The nursing is provided by the nurses in the ward that the patient is admitted, and it is under the responsibility of the supervising nurse of that ward. In addition, each ward has all the sanitary help, physical therapists, nutritionist and a social worker, to care for all patients’ needs.
Upon discharge, the patients who require, will be referred to follow up in the outpatient clinic of the emergency surgery unit.

Medical staff

Unit Secretary: Mrs. Zippi Barzilai, responsible for all the administrative issues of the unit patients in both wards.

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