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Bariatric Center

The bariatric center conducts all types of acceptable surgeries to treat obesity problems that did not respond to any non-surgical treatments. The staff is multi-disciplinary and includes doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and a coordinating nurse.

Any person who wishes to have a surgical procedure is examined by the multi-disciplinary staff to determine the extent of compatibility to the surgery. If there is a match, the staff assists the patient in preparing for the procedure, changing his life style, adapting after the surgery physically, nutritionally and psychologically and providing the support required. If the patient is found incompatible for the surgical procedure, he is referred to a therapeutic frame to fit his needs.

Applying to the center
Are you interested in having a bariatric surgery?
To schedule appointments to the bariatric center, please call 08-9440195

Before the Surgery
Patients who request to undergo a bariatric surgery have to pass a committee to evaluate their compatibility and preparedness level for the operation, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The committee consists of the professional staff of the bariatric center, which includes a surgeon, a nurse, a nutritionist and a psychologist.
The main stages towards a bariatric surgery:

  1. Preparing documents and medical certificates
  2. Meeting with an expert surgeon  - to examine your medical history, provide explanations about the various surgeries and create a therapeutic program fitted to your personal needs.
  3. Nutritional evaluation – a meeting with an expert bariatric nutritionist in order to examine the history of your obesity, your eating habits and a nutritional status. According to these, you will get a personalized plan to prepare for the surgery.
  4. Psychologic evaluation – any bariatric surgery candidate undergoes a psychologic evaluation to examine his compatibility with the changes that come with the surgery, his preparedness to perform changes in his eating habits and life style, and any psychological problems or mental issues that should postpone the surgery and receive proper treatment. According to the Ministry of Health circular, if you are under psychiatric follow up, you must also have a letter from your psychiatrist.


Post-Op Follow-Up
Have you gone through a bariatric surgery? We are here to help you build an inclusive plan to maintain your achievements.
In order to make the most of your surgery, you have to be committed from the beginning of the therapy and to the rest of your life, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and a physical activity. In the bariatric center we offer a wide plan in which you will learn to manage a healthy lifestyle. The plan includes:

  1. Constant follow ups with a nutritionist
  2. Periodic meetings with your surgeon
  3. Psychologic follow up according to need, including therapy, escort and guidance according to your personal needs.
  4. Support group – a therapeutic group by the clinic’s psychologist, in order to assist in the adaptation process after surgery, to have a healthy lifestyle and preserve a physical and healthy lifestyle.

Medical staff

Secretary: Mrs. Esther Moshe