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ENT Department

Department Manager: Prof. Doron Halperin

The ENT department in the Kaplan treats all aspects of ear, nose and throat medicine, either surgical or non-surgical. The department treats children and adults. The department has outpatient clinics for all aspects of ENT medicine, and operating rooms

Main Areas of the Department

Endocrine Surgery:

The department has vast experience, the largest in Israel, in performing thyroid and parathyroid surgeries.

Otology, the service for ear disease and surgeries

- Treating ear disease and complaints such as secretions, loss of hearing, pain and imbalance in children and adults. The service recently received advanced surgical devices.
- Performing ear surgeries such as tympanoplasty.
- Reconstruction of hearing bones to improve hearing (ocilloplasty).
- Surgery to improve hearing for patients suffering from autosclerosis (stapedotomy).
- Treating cholesteatoma (mastoid surgeries)
- Bone anchored hearing implant (BAHA)
- Cochlear implant. The hospital employs a staff of therapists from various areas responsible to locate candidates for cochlear implants and their rehabilitation after surgery within the auditory institute of the Kaplan Medical Center. Within the otology service we conduct about 2000 doctors appointments and about 150 surgeries every year.
The ear surgery service works in cooperation with the hearing institute led by Mrs. Pnina Yakir. The hearing institute conducts hearing tests for children and adults, tests before adapting a hearing aid, electric hearing test (BERA or ABR), hearing tests for newborn babies, locating patients suitable for implants such as cochlear implant and BAHA, electronic tuning of the implants and hearing practices after a cochlear implant surgery.

Oncologic Diseases of the Head and Neck

Diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases of the neck, saliva glands, mouth, pharynx and throat. The treatment is done in cooperation with the oncologic institute in Kaplan Medical Center and in the Rabin Medical Center.

Pediatric Surgery:

Sleep apnea, ear diseases, congenital defects – diagnosis and treatment, head and neck surgeries, including oncological diseases in children and nasal and facial cavities diseases, in cooperation with the unit for allergy and immunology.

Surgeries for Micro-Vascular Restoration:

Skills in using advanced devices and technologies and unique surgical knowledge to reconstruct tissue shortages (especially following extensive oncological surgeries).

Treatment of Vocal Disruptions:

Diagnosis and surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the larynx, including treating hoarseness, airway problems etc. Among other things, we use advanced laser devices.

Nasal and Facial Cavities (Sinuses) Surgeries

Diagnosis and treatment of nasal and facial cavities diseases (either benign or malignant), including endoscopic surgeries (FESS).

Service for Pre-Surgical Diagnosis:

Performing ultrasound guided needle biopsies to diagnose thyroid, saliva gland diseases and neck tumors.

Hearing and Speech Institute for Disruptions in Communications and Swallowing:

The institute handles auditory diagnosis for all ages (from newborns to elderly people), vocal diagnosis, electrophysiological tests, adapting hearing aids, diagnosis and treatment in pronunciation and language disorders in children and also diagnosis and treatment of voice production disruptions.

The Unit for Dental Surgeries and Mouth and Jaw Surgeries:

The unit acts with the department and handles dental treatments under general anesthetics for children, facial bones therapy trauma and advanced reconstructions.
Note: The surgical activity is conducted in the unit and also as surgical outpatients.

Personal Service

The department staff provides personal care and service to patients in the clinic and the department and to outpatients. We know and guide the patients and their families along the treatment, and often care for a few generations of a single family, at different times and simultaneously.
This personal relation integrates with our belief that the patient and his family are well versed in the details of the disease and treatment, and therefore it is important to us to take significant time and talk to the patients.

Academic and Research Activities

The ​department is branched to the Medical School of Hadassah Ein Karem in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A part of the department policy is to acquire knowledge in the hospital’s specialties to students, interns, family doctors and occupational doctors. The vast academic activity managed by the department dictates a high professional level to the hospital staff.

Medical staff

Attending Doctors:
Dr. Doron Schindel
Dr. Yitzhak Poriah
Dr. Joseph Babnik
Dr. Jonathan Lahav
Dr. Udi Katznel

Supervising nurse in the department : Mrs. Dina Joseph
Supervising nurse in the clinic: Mrs. Sarai Meirowitz