Unit for Treatment of Ear Disease and Surgeries

Dr. Udi Katznel

​Within the unit for treatment of ear disease and surgeries, we at the Kaplan Medical Center perform ear surgeries in adults and children, including cochlear implants.

The hospital has a team of therapists of various areas, responsible for locating candidates for the cochlear implant surgery and rehabilitate them after the surgery within the hearing institute of the Kaplan Medical Center. Within the otologic service, we conduct about 2000 doctor’s meetings and about 150 surgeries every year.

The surgeries performed with us:
• Cochlear implant
• Surgeries to correct a puncture in the eardrum and reconstruct the ear bones (timpanoplastics / oscilloplastics)
• Treatment of cholesteatoma (all types of mastoid surgeries)
• Bone-anchored implant (Baha, Bonebridge)
• Surgeries to correct a puncture in the eardrum and fixing the ear bones
• Surgery to improve hearing for patients suffering from autosclerosis (stapedoctomy)

Hearing Institute

The unit for ear surgeries works in cooperation with the hearing institute.
The hearing institute conducts hearing tests for children and adults, tests for adapting the hearing aid, electric hearing tests (ABR or BERA), hearing tests for newborns, finding patients fit for implants such as a cochlear implant or BAHA, electronic tuning of implants and hearing practices after a cochlear implant.

Here is a list of the tests that can be performed in the hearing institute:
Hearing tests, hearing devices, newborn hearing screening, BERA tests, hearing rehabilitation after a cochlear implant, etc.

Please contact the institute manager Mrs. Tzufit Dahan on 08-9441057.