Gynecology and Maternity Division

Prenatal Courses and Delivery Room Tours

The Kaplan Medical Center holds prenatal courses for women, from 28 gestational weeks. The courses are managed by the delivery room midwives and designated for both spouses. Also, you can join guided tours in the delivery rooms. All the details follow.

The contents of the course
- When should I come to the delivery room?
- All stages of the physiological delivery
- Pain management measures
- Natural birth, and more
The course also includes a tour in the delivery room

Course length
Two sessions that last about 4 hours, each. The courses are done in the evening.
The course is conducted for additional charge.

For further details, call *6977
We will be happy to call you back, and we are sorry if we are delayed due to over work.

An experienced midwife team is holding guided tours in the delivery rooms, in the afternoons and on Fridays.

The tours are free of charge, but you need to schedule them in advance, between 8:00-15:00 by phone *6977