Heart Rehabilitation Center

The Heart Rehabilitation Center Program

The Heart Rehabilitation Center is a part of the cardiological care in the Kaplan Medical Center. The Center suggests a program for patients, following their hospitalization, for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and more.

Heart treatment does not end when you leave the hospital. Therefore, if you suffered a cardiac event, a cardiac surgery, catheterization or caring for cardiac failure, the heart maintenance and therapy continues in the Heart Rehabilitation Center.

To prevent a future event and to balance the risk factors, such as hypertension, increased blood lipids, diabetes and obesity, you must integrate a few interventions with professional follow up. Heart rehabilitation is designated for patients after cardiac hospitalization and allows them to return to their normal routines and acquire them with tools for a healthy lifestyle.

Heart rehabilitation is a professional program which integrates guided, controlled and safe physical activity, with nutritional consultation and medicinal balance for patients after a cardiac event, a heart surgery, catheterization or patients suffering from cardiac insufficiency.

How can we assist you?

Our innovative and professional rehabilitation program aims to help you, the patients, to regain your healthy lifestyle and routines. We have vast experience and we are acting from the highest global standards. Our team will accompany you, while emphasizing personal treatment and taking joint responsibility for your health.

In the cardiology unit in Kaplan Medical Center, we take care of you during your hospitalization and after you leave the hospital. Therefore, we wanted to let you know about our unique program in the Heart Rehabilitation Center.

The program is known and recommended by the Ministry of Health, according to the global acceptable standards

In the Heart Rehabilitation Center you can train with a personal fitness trainer. Our trainers were uniquely trained to create training plans adapted to your medical condition.

To contact the Heart Rehabilitation Center

Call 08-9440840

Who Is This Program For?

  • Patients with heart diseases, who underwent therapeutic catheterizations, opened by balloons or supportive-stents.
  • For patients who underwent bypass or valve surgeries
  • For patients following a heart pacer or defibrillator transplants
  • For patients suffering from cardiac insufficiency
  • For patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases
  • For patients with stable chest stress
  • For patients requiring medical care due to arrythmia
  • For patients with risk factors, including: smoking, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or for patients following a stroke.
  • For anyone who is interested in performing a controlled, adapted fitness plan guided by a multi-professional team and medically supervised.

Why continue with the Heart Rehabilitation Center?

Being discharged from the hospital is the first step on the way to recovery, and joining the heart rehabilitation program will help you regain full function at home, at work and in the society. In addition, you will receive tools for a healthy lifestyle also after the termination of the program.

What does the program include?

  • Controlled physical activity, twice a week (each session lasts about an hour)
  • Medical supervision by a multidisciplinary team throughout the entire program
  • Personal and group training
  • Constant follow up by center staff
  • Balancing risk factors by the multidisciplinary team
  • Lectures and meetings about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, adapted physical activities, patient rights, depression and anxiety and other diverse medical issues

Our Team

For you, the Heart Rehabilitation Center includes a multidisciplinary team:

  • Senior cardiologist, expert for rehabilitation and prevention of heart disease - the doctor will admit you to the program and conduct constant medical follow up for the entire program, which includes balancing risk factors, such as lipids, diabetes, hypertension and obesity, etc.
  • Cardiology nurse - the nurse will admit you to the program and conduct a personal and group training, constant medical follow up, support and guidance for the future.
  • Clinical stress physiologist - the physiologist will create a personal fitness program for you, which is adapted to your medical condition and your fitness. Also, he shall perform follow up and control and guide you throughout the process. He will also guide you to perform controlled and adapted physical exercises at home.
  • Nutritionist - the nutritionist will consult you, in person and in an group, regarding balancing risk factors such as diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, acquiring healthy habits and more, and guide you to continue your life and prevent cardiovascular diseases in the future.
  • Psychologist - will admit you to a personal and group consultation session. Will accompany you within a group therapy which will enable you to express mental aspects of your illness and coping with stress.
  • Physical fitness trainers - will guide and accompany you in accordance with your personal fitness program.

How to join the program?

Make an appointment with the heart rehabilitation candidates clinic, by calling 08-9440840
The program is held twice a week, between 7:00 and 18:00, from Sunday till Thursday. Each session lasts about an hour.

Payment method - all of the HMOs provide you with a commitment (form no. 17) in accordance to their criteria and the guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

What to Bring to the Clinic?

  • ID or HMO card
  • Referral from the doctor or discharge letter from the hospital\
  • List of medications
  • Medical exams: ECG, blood tests conducted in the HMO (up to 3 months), including lipid profile, thyroid functionality and A1C hemoglobin.
  • Ergometry test following the cardiac event
  • Commitment form to the clinic to a cardiologist only (form no. 13) - Clalit code 70025, Ministry of Health code 9276L

Our address:

House 12, in  the Cardiac Unit Section
Secretary phone: 08-9440840
Fax: 08-9440839