Women Clinics

Unit Phone Number

Secretary of Women's Clinics Telephone: 08-9441325 or 08-9441356
Fax: 08-9441699

Head Nurse of Women's Clinics Telephone: 08-9441356

Cervical Clinic

What is the cervical clinic? What kinds of treatments and tests are conducted in the clinic and how to approach it? All the details are inside.

​The Cervical Clinic in the Kaplan Medical Center conducts testing and treatment of diseases related to the lower sexual tracts, the external genitals, such as the vagina and the cervix.

The tests conducted in the cervical clinic is called colposcopy and is conducted using a colposcope (a kind of microscope) which sheds a lot of light and allows an increase of the tested area. The colposcopy test is a diagnostic pain-free test. In a case where there is a suspicious findings, we take a biopsy, which is an action that might cause slight discomfort or bleeding.

What treatments are conducted in the cervical clinic?

The diseases the clinic treats are infectious and growth related (malignant and pre-malignant). Our clinic conducts laser and CRYO treatments. These treatments can vaporize tissues, such as warts in the external genitals or lesions in the cervix. These are treatments considered routine and simple, and therefore they are conducted in the clinic under local or general anesthetic.

In situations that the medical staff identifies pre-cancerous changes in higher levels, we conduct therapy using an electric loop. In most cases, the treatment is done by general or local anesthetic in the operating room, as a gynecology outpatient.

How to approach the cervical clinic?

The tests are not conducted as a routine, but by a referral from your doctor, following complaints such as bleeding after sex, finding a suspicious finding in a routine test, or due to improper result of a PAP smear.

Medical staff

Clinic Doctors:
Prof. Alon Ben Arieh, Women’s department manager and women’s clinics manager
Dr. Tamara Chernomortz
Sr. Svetlana Shatz
Dr. Irena Yacobowitz
Dr. Ilya Biniaminov