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Secretary of Women's Clinics Telephone: 08-9441325 or 08-9441356
Fax: 08-9441699

Head Nurse of Women's Clinics Telephone: 08-9441356

Urogynecology Clinic

What is urogynecology? Which disruptions, problems and diseases are treated within the clinic, and how to approach the clinic?

About one third of the women might experience complaints related to the pelvic floor and bladder functions throughout their lives.

Diseases of the pelvic floor has significant influence over the woman’s lifestyle and the treatment focuses on improving her quality of life and regaining daily function. Therefore, the urogynecology clinic is designated for women who suffer from urine leaks, frequency and urgency of urinating, drop of the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, vaginal walls) and correction of vaginal scars complication after birth.

If you suffer from a urine disruption, complications of vaginal tears or a pelvic organ drops don’t be shy and come to our clinic – we will be happy to assist you.

What are the tests and treatments performed in the urogynecology clinic?

The urogynecology clinic in the Kaplan Medical Center offers a wide variety of treatments, from physical therapy, medications, a vaginal device treatment (Pessary ring) and surgical treatment using advanced techniques.

When you arrive to the clinic you will meet the staff and after a doctor’s examination you will receive an explanation about your condition. Together, we will hold a joint discussion about the therapeutic options – sometimes the solution can be simple like a lifestyle change, or it can be more complex. Urogynecology is a field that develops every day, and we can offer you a variety of personally adapted diagnostic tests and innovative treatments.

How to approach the urogynecology clinic?

If you decide to choose the conservative method, the treatment within the Passery clinic (a vaginal support device) will continue. You will receive a detailed explanation about the various Passery types. An experienced doctor will match you with the right type and size of Passery. You will also receive guidance about use and follow up.

Phone no. for appointment scheduling: 08-9441231. Reception in the women’s ward, new building, level 5.

If you choose the operational approach, the treatment will continue within the women’s clinic. We perform vaginal surgeries using a micro invasive or abdominal approach.

Phone no. for appointment scheduling: 08-9441356. Reception in the outpatient clinic building, level 1.

Medical staff

Clinic Doctors:
Dr. Sergei Dubnik – Manager of Urogynecology service
Dr. Moshe Gilor
Dr. Neta Mahler