Women Clinics

Unit Phone Number

Pre-Surgical Clinic Telephone: 08-9441580 
Fax: 08-9441176

Secretary of Women's Clinics Telephone: 08-9441325 or 08-9441356
Fax: 08-9441699

Head Nurse of Women's Clinics Telephone: 08-9441356

Pre-Surgical Services

The pre-surgical services are designated for women who require an invasive intervention due to a gynecological problem, such as:

  • A need for preventative oophorectomy: for women who are in a risk group for breast cancer due to the BRCA gene.
  • A hysteroscopy: a surgery which is designated to observe the uterine space, in order to inspect and treat various problems such as fear of a finding (polyp) in the cervix, a suspicion of uterine myomas, to demonstrate the uterine space during fertility treatments, to negate changes in the uterine structure or in the endometrium etc.
  • Colposcopy: a diagnostic test of the cervix, the vagina and the vulva, which is conducted using magnification and strong lighting. The test is conducted to identify pre-cancerous lesions, an irregular tissue and to take a biopsy.
  • A PAP smear: testing of cervical cells, for premature identification of cervical cancer.

The referral to the clinic will be done by a letter from your OB/GYN.

Medical staff

Clinic Doctors:
Prof. Alon Ben Arie, Manager of Women’s Department, and manager of Women’s clinic
Dr. Ostinov Natalia
Dr. Sergei Dubnik