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High Risk Pregnancy Clinic

Who is the high risk pregnancy clinic for? In what situations will the clinic doctors recommend hospitalization and what should you bring to the follow up meeting in the clinic?

​The clinic will receive women who are pregnant or women who are planning to get pregnant, who are at risk due to background diseases of the woman, or due to complications at previous pregnancies.

Among the more common maternal conditions / diseases which are considered a pregnancy risk are:

  • Chronic hypertension
  • Pre-pregnancy diabetes
  • Thrombophilia or antiphospholipid syndrome
  • Recurring abortions
  • A history of obstetric complications such as premature labor, sever toxemia, placental separation or inter-uterine fetal death.
  • Advanced maternal age


Among the factors that develop during pregnancy, which necessitate a follow up in the high risk pregnancy clinic are:

  • Pregnancy related hypertension / toxemia
  • Pregnancy diabetes
  • Multiple fetus pregnancy
  • Disturbance in fetal growth
  • Suspect of fetal flaws
  • Polyhidramnions  / oligohydramnions

The clinic doctors will decide the need for follow up, its frequency, your turn or further clarification in the clinic, or alternately – the need for hospitalization in the high-risk pregnancy unit, in accordance with the findings received from the tests conducted in the clinic.

What should you bring to the clinic? A referral to the clinic will be conducted by the community OB/GYN. Please bring an obligation form from the HMO (Form no. 17), the doctor’s referral and all the relevant medical documents you have.

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Prof. Yitzhak Blickstein
Dr. Ifat Gadot
Dr. Oren Barak
Dr. Shira Hadad