Women and Maternity

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Women’s Ultra Sound Unit

Unit Manager: Dr. Yinon Hazan

What is the women’s ultra sound unit, what tests are conducted in it and what doctors are working in it?

The OB/GYN ultrasound unit provides ultra-sonic imaging and consultation services in all OB/GYN related areas.

The unit serves the women and maternity wards, the maternity emergency rooms and the delivery rooms, the women’s clinics and the high-risk pregnancy clinics, as well as all the other units and emergency rooms in the hospital.
Also, the unit serves as an advisory unit for community doctors, in all HMOs.

The unit staff includes OB/GYN experts, experienced ultra sound technicians and secretaries.
The unit is equipped with two 3D ultra sound devices, the most advanced in the world.

Major areas of occupation:

  • Ultra-sonic imaging of the pelvis and female reproductive system
  • Ultra-sonic diagnosis of various fertility problems
  • 2D and 3D imaging of the uterus structure and negation of structural faults of the female reproductive system
  • Diagnosis of pathological processes in the pelvis, such as ovular cysts, uterine findings and uterine space findings
  • Follow up on fertility processes including follicle follow up, endometrium and ovulation
  • Performing ultra sound test to determine the gestational age of a pregnancy and its proper location
  • Nuchal translucency test for single-fetus or multiple-fetus pregnancies
  • Oriented system survey / flaws negation (when the survey or the pregnancy shows a problem) – tests to diagnose flaws and follow up over pathological conditions
  • OB/GYN ultra sound exams – weight evaluation, growth follow up, flows in the fetal and uterine blood vessels.
  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
  • Amniotic fluid tab
  • Dilution of fetuses in multi-fetus pregnancies – after committee approval
  • Amniotic fluid tab based on obstetrics request
  • US guided abscess draining (infections) in the pelvis

Medical staff

Unit Doctors:
Dr. Dov Braun
Dr. Ayelet Gidron
Dr. Yifat Gadot

Supervising technician – Einat Navi
Yael Lehr
Galina Mordekovitz
Dana Ganot