Gynecology and Maternity Division

What is A Caesarean Section?

How is a Caesarean section preformed? Under what circumstances is it preformed? Is it dangerous? How long it takes to recover and what will be the size of the scar? All you need to know if you consider having a Caesarean section

A caesarean section is a medical procedure used to deliver the baby through an incision conducted in the abdomen and uterine walls. A Caesarean section is preformed when women can’t have a “regular”, vaginal birth. Usually, the procedure lasts between half an hour to an hour and is conducted under anesthesia.

In general, a caesarean section is relatively safe. However, as in any procedure, caesarean sections are prone to complications. The rate of complications for the first caesarean section and the scheduled caesarean section is lower than recurring or urgent caesarean sections.

Why preform a caesarean section?

Urgent procedure: Conducted when there is a need to get the baby out in a way which was not planned in advance: situations of a delivery which does not progress, failure in activating the delivery, when the fetus is not in head position, or when the placenta blocks the birth canal partially or fully.

Sometimes there is an urgent situation, in which there is concern of fetal distress. In cases of a drop in the umbilical cord, a birth complication which includes a separation of the placenta or a fear of a uterine tear, or in situations that it is impossible to complete the delivery using vacuum or forceps, we will be compelled to have an emergency Caesarean section.

If, you should have to undergo an emergency Caesarean section, you will be transferred to one of the operating rooms in the delivery rooms floor within minutes. Also, we guarantee that a skilled staff – including attendings – will be present in the delivery rooms floor any time of day, alongside a team of pediatricians specializing in caring for neonates (neonatologists) in order to quickly respond any situation. In addition, our delivery rooms include an integral operating room which is designated for extremely urgent procedures and national emergencies.

Scheduled (Elective) Caesarean section: is preformed in cases where there is a need to get the baby out by Caesarean section for a wide variety of reasons, such as:

  • Women who had one or more Caesarean sections before
  • In any case that the fetus’ head is not presenting
  • In certain cases of multiple fetus pregnancies
  • Due to high weight estimates (macrosomia). It is customary to deliver by Caesarean section when the weight estimate exceeds 4.5 kgs due to fear of a situation called Shoulder dystocia. This is an emergency that might be created during delivery and damage both the mother and the baby. Also, it is customary to advise having a Caesarean section for women suffering from prenatal diabetes when the weight estimate of the fetus exceeds 4 kgs, after a private consult.

A scheduled Caesarean section is performed in an OB/GYN operation room. This is an intimate operation room, which is designated to Caesarean section, equipped with the most advanced equipment required for such a procedure. The operating room includes an advanced audio system, and we invite you to choose your favorite music, as your baby is delivered into this world.

The staff of the OB/GYN operating room underwent inclusive training in order to accompany mothers and spouses in the most exciting moment of their lives. Therefore, during a Caesarean section we allow your significant other or another person of your choice to stay with you during the operation and become a part of the unique childbirth experience, and to accompany the baby in his first moments, as if it was a vaginal delivery.

What happens after the surgery?

Immediately after the surgery, the medical staff transfers you to the recovery room, where you will stay for about two hours. Our policy, in the Kaplan Medical Center, is zero separation and full rooming in. Our ward staff is ready to place the baby on you and assist you in breastfeeding, in the operating room, if possible. Later on, we will transfer you and your baby from the recovery room to the ward.

Recovery from Caesarean section is personal, therefore we advise you get out of bed as soon as possible, to avoid complications, such as thrombosis. According to our policy and your personal condition, you can be discharged to your home about 4 days post-op.

And what about the scar? The incision is made usually across the lower abdomen (the bikini line) and it is about 10 cm long, at least. Sometimes and at rare specific occasions, the doctors may choose to perform the incision along the middle abdomen. If there is a scar from a previous Caesarean section, the doctors prefer to make the incision on the scar itself.

If you consider having an elective Caesarean section, you can send a referral from your doctor, with your phone number, to fax no. 08-9411944. Our secretary will call you back to schedule a Caesarean section. The clinic is active on Sundays and Tuesdays between 12:00-14:00 in the women’s department, on level 5. We ask that you come in the date scheduled with the referral from your doctor (Form 17) and create a file in the maternity emergency room on level 2.