Gynecology and Maternity Division

Unit Phone Number

Secretary of Women's ER Telephone: 08-9441897

​Nursing Station and Delivery Rooms Telepone: 08-9441620

Maternity A Telephone: 08-9441944

Maternity B Telephone: 08-9441644

Delivery Romms Telephone: 08-9441269

Maternity Ward

The maternity ward includes two maternity units, in which women after vaginal birth and caesarean section are admitted. Also, the ward holds various tours and guidance. All the details follow below.

The maternity ward includes the maternity emergency room, the labor rooms and two maternity units, in which women after vaginal birth and caesarean section are admitted.

Also, the ward includes the unit for maternal and fetal medicine (high risk pregnancy)

Maternity Emergency room

The maternity emergency room is where 24+ weeks pregnant women are admitted. There are a few reasons for which you should consider going to the maternity emergency room: premature labor, fear of a drop in fetal movement and of course – childbirth.

Also, the maternity emergency room admits women who are 40+ weeks pregnant for follow up, to make a decision about the nature of labor and to schedule a caesarean section.

Labor Rooms

Kaplan Medical Center has 9 labor rooms. Apart for a monitor in each room, we also have an external screen next to the nurses’ station, in which we can constantly monitor your baby, and make sure that there is someone to watch over the progress of your labor at any time, even if there is no medical staff present in the room and you get some privacy and time for yourself.

Experienced midwives to accompany you in the labor fitting you and contribute from their professional experience to promote you towards a safe delivery are in charge of the rooms. The midwives in the Kaplan Medical Center undergo trainings about natural childbirth and constantly participate in conventions, seminars and updates.

Hospitalization Methods

In addition to regular hospitalization post-partum you can choose the rooming-in method, in which the baby stays with the mother post-partum. You can choose between complete and partial rooming-in. Apart for two hours, between 8:00-10:00 in the morning, that the baby has to stay in the neonatal unit for a doctor’s evaluation.

Courses and Guides

  • Orientation tours in the labor rooms – for details and scheduling call 08-9441604
  • Birth classes – additional payment – for details and registration call 08-9441965

Guides during Hospitalization in the Maternity Ward

  • Pre-scheduled caesarean section guidance and post-op guidance
  • Guidance to the new mother about the post-partum period
  • Guidance to breastfeeding
  • Guidance for new dads

Medical staff

Attending staff in the maternity ward
Dr. Roni Levi, Labor rooms and maternity emergency room manager
Dr. Tamara Chernomoritz, attending
Dr. Edi Weisbuch – maternity ward manager

Head nurses in the maternity ward
Mrs. Sigal Chen, head nurse of labor rooms
Mrs. Tami Mor, head nurse of Maternity unit A
Mrs. Shoshi Abutbul, head nurse of Maternity unit B