Gynecology and Maternity Division

Unit Phone Number

​Telephone: 08-9441797
Fax: 08-9441776

Unit for Mother and Fetal Medicine (High-Risk Pregnancy)

Unit Manager: Prof. Edi Weisbuch

What is high risk pregnancy and who are the medical staff treating the women admitted to the unit?

The unit admits pregnant women, who have mostly passed 23-24 weeks of their pregnancy and suffer from maternal or fetal complications, which require observation, clarification and care, in a hospitalization setup.

The unit includes 12 beds and is characterized by a warm homey atmosphere. It is accompanied by a social worker from the psychological service and a nutritionist.

In the clinic, there is a service of follow up meetings after discharge, mostly for women who require follow up next to their discharge who are unable to schedule an earlier appointment with a high-risk clinic.

The service is provided by the staff familiar to the women from their hospitalization period and its objective is to relieve fears from discharge.

Medical staff

Unit Manager:
Prof. Edi Weisbuch

Head Nurse:
Mrs. Menana Michaeli

Mrs. Iris Opzohar
Mrs. Ziona Shpitz