Gynecology and Maternity Division

First published: 19.06.2019

Training for New Dads

Moving towards parenting is a thrilling and happy event, one of the most significant events in the couple and family life and as such, is often emotionally complex.

Women who carry the pregnancy to term, prepare for the coming of the baby in a deeper manner than men. Dealing with the pregnancy, preparing for labor and for maternity leave, allow the mother a mental preparation for motherhood, while some men describe that they only when the baby comes, they realize the change.

Esther Nakash, the former nursing manager in the OB/GYN department initiated the concept to guid the fathers and enable them to express themselves and receive support towards the new status.

In cooperation with the social workers Karen Zilber and Ana Zelkin, the nursing staff in the maternity wards, and out of the thought that the pregnancy and labor periods are significant periods for both spouses - we created a group for fathers whose wives just given birth with us, a group that allows them to meet other fathers just like them.

The period of birth and new life with the baby is accompanied with many strong feelings from both spouses - some are more positive and others are less, and this is a period which requires adjustment and the creation of a new equilibrium.

There is great importance in regarding the fathers’ needs since we are talking about shared coping, where the fathers play a central and essential role during pregnancy, delivery and after going home with the baby.

Studies show a lack of sufficient regard to the fathers’ needs, despite of the great importance of his involvement in the lives of both mother and child from the first steps.

From this need, we started a unique group for postpartum father, in order to allow joint conversation and processing of the pregnancy and delivery experience, and to think and organize after going home from the hospital over a few aspects - parenting, partnership, finding a new equilibrium, etc.

The group is fit for new fathers whether they are first time fathers or fathers of older siblings as well.

The fathers group is conducted under the guidance of the social workers Karen Zilber and Ana Zelkin on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00 in the maternity ward.