Gynecology and Maternity Division

Delivery Rooms in Kaplan Medical Center

The delivery rooms in Kaplan Medical Centers are equipped with innovative equipment, our midwives are experienced and updated and our policy is **zero separation and full rooming in **. We invite you to give birth here.


9 months of pregnancy are about to end, and you are of course wondering where should you give birth. We would like to invite you to take a tour in our 9 delivery rooms, all private, and fully equipped with all that is necessary to have a safe and pleasant labor.

Apart from a monitor device in each room, we also have an external monitor near the nurses’ station, where you can constantly see the monitoring of your fetus, so at any time, there is someone following and looking after the progress of your delivery, also if there are no staff members in the room. This way we can grant you privacy and time to yourself.

Experienced midwives to accompany you in the labor fitting you and contribute from their professional experience to promote you towards a safe delivery oversee the rooms. The midwives in the Kaplan Medical Center undergo trainings about natural childbirth and constantly participate in conventions, seminars and updates.

How can we assist you during childbirth?

In the delivery room, you will be offered a wide variety of options to ease your pain: natural methods like using water and breathing guided by the midwife, and epidural conducted by an anesthesiologist, who is an exclusive doctor for the delivery rooms, around the clock. Another help coping with the pain can be the use of nitrous oxide (also known as laughter gas), which has a short-term effect and is safe for the baby.

Will you choose a natural delivery?

One of the 9 delivery rooms was renovated in 2015 and it is now designated for physiological delivery, which is a natural delivery. This is a more spacious room equipped with a massage shower head, physio balls, a decorated ceiling and an option to dim the lights. Of course, you can have a physiological delivery in any of the other delivery rooms (there are additional showers nearby). The service in the natural delivery room is granted free of charge, based on its vacancy.

What about the episiotomy?

From our point of view, episiotomy is not necessary – not even for first deliveries. Our midwives prefer – if possible and according to their professional discretion – to use oil and cream, to decrease the rate of initiated episiotomies. Indeed, according to annual data collected in the delivery rooms in Israel, the Kaplan Medical Center episiotomy rate is among the lowest.

Will you want to eat during delivery?

This question often bothers women, and therefore, we don’t see any reason why you should not eat during delivery, as long as it is not a high-risk delivery. Therefore, we recommend you bring to the maternity emergency room light food for yourself and for your escorts, such as:

  • Biscuits
  • Energy bars
  • You can drink water or sweetened still water.

And if you want – we will try to provide you popsicles during delivery.

When can you breastfeed for the first time?

The primary breastfeeding post-partum is highly significant for the success of breastfeeding later. We, in Kaplan Medical Center, truly believe that breastfeeding is the most suitable nutrition for your baby and the earliest it begins, adjacent to the delivery, and even for a short time – the success rates of breastfeeding rise. Therefore, in the Kaplan Medical Center we encourage the mothers to breastfeed according to their desire and according to the needs of the baby, and of course assist and provide guidance if it is required.

Our policy, in the Kaplan Medical Center is zero separation and full rooming in and therefore we encourage you, the parents, to constantly stay with the baby. A single mom can, of course, stay with whoever she chooses as a partner.

Immediately after birth, the baby will be placed skin to skin on the mother. The baby will undergo a primary checkup by the midwife, and if necessary, by a pediatrician in the delivery room. If there is no special concern, the baby will stay with the mom for breastfeeding. After two hours, the baby will go with the parents to the maternity ward.

Next to the delivery room there is a post-partum staying room in which you will stay, supervised by a midwife, from the moment the delivery ended and the baby was transferred to the neonatal unit (with your escort), until it is possible to transfer you to the maternity ward.

Your baby will be placed on you right after birth, so that he can feel your warmth and the touch of your skin. The baby will undergo a primary evaluation by the midwife, and it necessary – by a pediatrician in the delivery room. After the midwife made sure that everything is in order, you can breastfeed your baby and stay with him for about two hours, before going with him and with your escort to the maternity ward.

If you give birth with an epidural anesthetic, we will transfer you to the ward lying on a gurney, and transfer the baby to the neonatal unit with your escort, in the internal elevator, where you can join them.

If, for some reason, your transfer to the ward with your baby is delayed, due to any medical condition that may arise the father can constantly stay with the baby in the neonatal unit, until checking him by a pediatrician and transferring him to full rooming in next to the mother.

We encourage breastfeeding also amongst mothers who had an elective caesarean section, who choose to breastfeed in the operating room.

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