Women and Maternity

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Women’s Department

The women’s department includes the women’s emergency room, women’s outpatient and women’s unit

Women’s Unit

The unit admits women suffering from complications of pregnancy up to 20 gestational weeks, and non-pregnant women, suffering from various gynecological diseases.
The unit performs advanced laparoscopies for hysterectomies.

The unit has a unique interactive operating room for advanced laparoscopies.

The unit performs complex oncological surgeries by a highly-experienced staff. The surgeries include endometrium cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer etc.

The unit is in a new building, and equipped with innovated rooms with adjacent restrooms and showers.

Within the emergency room and outpatient units of the women’s department we perform diagnosis and treatment, including hysteroscopy and colposcopy.

Medical staff

Women’s Unit
Prof. Alon Ben Arie, manager of women and maternity department
Dr. Sergei Dubnik, supervisor of women’s ward and manager of urogynecology services
Dr. Natalia Ostinov, attending

Women’s Emergency Room and Outpatient
Dr. Dora Milman, manager of women’s emergency room and outpatient clinics
Dr. Tatiana Zelski, Attending
Dr. Guy Marciano, Attending

Supervising Nurse Women’s Department
Mrs. Nerit Okashi

Supervising Nurse Women’s Emergency Room
Mrs. Tali Davidi