Gynecology and Maternity Division

Follow Up Clinic For Neonates and Premature Babies

The services provided by the follow up clinic for neonates and premature babies, the importance of such follow up and the complications that might arise due to premature delivery

Giving birth to a premature baby is a complicated event, and there are medical issues and complications that might arise during the first few months of a baby’s life. Therefore, it is important to hold a follow up and to oversee the premature baby also after he is discharged from the premature babies ward.

In the follow up clinic for neonates and premature babies in the Kaplan Medical Center, we conduct medical follow up for premature babies and believe that there is great importance for the follow up and overseeing of the infant and his family after discharge.

What complications might arise?

We believe that the early detection of difficulties, might bring about an early medical intervention and a better outcome in terms of the premature baby’s development and growth, and that there is great importance to continue the follow up on the premature baby and his family even after discharge.

A premature baby can suffer from various complications, among others, respiratory problems, developmental delay (motor, linguistic and communicational), sight and hearing difficulties, eating disorders and growth difficulties. Some of the complications might develop after discharge.

Within the clinic, a team of doctors talks to you, the parents, hears about difficulties or problems, if they arise, and advises on any question relating to development, growth and nutrition.

Also, with any referral to the clinic, we will conduct a weighting, a length and a head circumference measurement, as well as a physical and developmental evaluation. According to the test results, the doctors will provide recommendations for treatment and follow up.

The recommended follow up frequency is once to 3-6 months, until the age of 18 to 24 months (1.5-2 years).

What kinds of services and treatments are provided in the clinic?

Our clinic doctors are experts for neonatology and premature babies medicine.

The follow up clinic for neonates and premature babies acts in cooperation with the child’s development center, a children nutritionist, the physical therapy institute, the auditory institute, the eye clinic, the lung clinic and the pediatric cardiology institute in the Kaplan Medical Center.

Our clinic is a professional advisory body for the pediatrician and the Tipat Halav nurses who conduct the regular follow up for the baby.

The clinic also monitors babies delivered on time, who suffered from a medical condition that required admittance to the premature babies ward post-partum.

We also assist premature babies and newborns born in other hospitals.

Medical staff

Clinic Doctors
Dr. Irena Flidel Rimon – Manager of the premature babies ward and neonates ward
Dr. Ada Yuster Reicher – Vice manager of the premature babies ward and the neonates ward
Dr. Iliya Rosin – Expert for neonates and premature babies medicine
Dr. Noa Gadasi - Expert for neonates and premature babies medicine
Dr. Kalanit Hershkowitz Shporn - Expert for neonates and premature babies medicine