Unit Phone Number

​Department secretary: 08-9440285 (available between 8:00-13:00)
Nurses station: 08-9441291

Outpatients clinics

Thoracic surgeries clinic(Lung institute): 08-9441437
Esophageal surgery clinic(Gastro institute): 08-9441310 , 08-9441457

Thoracic Surgeries Unit

Unit Manager: Dr. Ilan Bar

​The thoracic surgeries unit in the Kaplan Medical Center treats a wide variety of patients in the most advanced operational methods. Every year, the unit performs about 350 lungs, esophagus and thoracic surgeries.

In our vision, we place the patient in the center, and match each patient with the best care for him. The therapeutic decisions, in most cases, are made through multi-disciplinary discussions, that include the imaging institute, the lung institute, gastro and oncology.

The unit performs a variety of surgeries, most of which are minimally invasive, a method which decreases the mental and physical trauma for the patient. The variety of surgeries includes, among others:

• Lung surgeries
• Treatment of benign diseases
• Lung surgeries due to primary lung cancer or metastasis
• Mediastinum surgeries
• Pneumothorax
• Over sweating surgeries
• Thoracic wall surgeries
• Esophagus surgeries
• Surgeries to prevent and treat severe heartburns
• Correction of complex hiatal hernias
• Treatment of disruptions to the esophagus movement (such as Achalasia, Zenker diverticulum)
• Esophagectomy due to esophagus cancer

Sometimes, there is a need for a wide span surgery due to processes involving both the heart or the pericardia. Our staff includes an experienced cardiac surgeon and the option to provide the safety net required and the operative answer to this type of situations.

Esophagus and Upper Digestive Tract Surgeries

The thoracic surgeries unit in the Kaplan Medical Center diagnoses and treats all kinds of esophageal diseases, from swallowing difficulties due to disruptions of the esophagus movement (such as achalasia, zenker diverticulum), severe heartburn, complex hiatal hernias and ending with esophageal cancer.

The unit has great experience in handling these situations, and most surgeries are done micro-invasively. The therapeutic approach is adapted to each patient and is multi-disciplinary, and includes, apart from the unit’s doctors, the gastro-enterology, oncology, ENT, and imaging units.

Rare Surgery – Massive Growth Discovered in a Patient’s Esophagus


Academic and Research Activity

The thoracic surgeries unit, is an academic unit and a part of the faculty of medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In this framework, we guide and teach medical students during their clinical years.

The unit performs a number of studies and it is a partner with other units in the hospital and with other hospitals.

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Medical staff

Unit manager
Dr. Ilan Bar

Dr. Guy Pines, Attending, Manager of esophageal surgeries service
Prof. Amir Alami, attending
Dr. Lior Lazar, senior intern
Dr. Ibrahim Mashani, intern

Supervising nurse:
Mrs. Rachel Levi