Premature Babies

Unit Phone Number

Unit secretary:
Telephone: 08-9441218
Fax: 08-9441768

Social workers:
Telephone: 08-9441654

Head nurse:
Telephone: 08-9441935

Special Care Unit For Neonates and Premature Babies

Unit manager: Dr. Flidel Rimon Orna

Get to know the staff of the special care unit for neonates and premature babies, your rights and how to receive information from the doctors. Find out details about the premature babies ward visiting hours and the people who can accompany you

We invite you, the parents, to visit the premature babies ward and stay next to your baby every day from 08:30 and until 24:00. During the times when there are doctors rounds and while providing special treatments for babies, we will request you leave the ward to maintain the privacy of all babies and their family members. The parents are allowed to let the grandparents, and the siblings of the baby to see the newborn.
Visiting will be allowed only with one of the parents and will be coordinated with the head nurse.

Medical Report

Medical report about the admitted baby can be received in a face to face or phone conversation with the doctor.
Conversation with the doctor:
We recommend you come in the morning, after rounds, to talk to the attending of the premature babies ward at least once a week during the first period of the baby’s admittance – until his condition is stabilized. In any case of need, it is possible to schedule a time to talk to the attending doctor.
Reporting to family members – In order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality no medical reports will be provided to any family members or friends by phone. In case you choose to share the information with one of the family members please inform us in advance.
It is possible to share other people, according to your choice, in important conversations with the medical staff.
Reporting by phone:
It is possible to call the ward and find out details about the situation of the admitted baby from the nurse, or from the doctor, at any time. Pay attention that this conversation is short and does not replace the direct conversation with the attending in the morning.
Intensive care unit: 08-9441220
Pension unit: 08-9441936

In accordance with the patients’ rights law

You have the right to read your child’s medical record in the presence of one of our staff members.
You have to right to invite a consult for an additional opinion according to your need, you should coordinate the visit of the consultant in the ward with the attending or the unit manager.

Medical staff

Manager of the premature babies ward and neonates ward: Dr. Orna Flidel-Rimon
Vice manager of the premature babies ward and the neonates ward: Dr. Ada Yuster Reicher

Dr. Iliya Rosin
Dr. Noa Gadasi
Dr. Kalanit Hershkowitz Shporn
Dr. yael Simpson Lavi

Nursing Staff
Supervising nurse: Mrs. Orna Va’alani
Social Worker: Ana Zelkin
Unit Secretary: Hadas Amira