Premature Babies

Premature Babies Ward Vision

The KMC Premature Babies Ward seek superb care and service, local and global recognition, health progress and improvement, combining expertise, multi-disciplinary teamwork, improving skills, guidance and learning, developing and applying new research

We, the staff of the Premature Babies Ward, are committed to the following objectives:

Towards the patients

  • Providing high quality professional care to the patient and his parents, by cooperating with a multi-disciplinary staff that has a high professional standard, providing services from an inclusive point of view, which emphasizes the patient and his parents as center, while maintaining their honor and rights.
  • Promote and nurture a healthy lifestyle, promoting independence, cooperation and taking responsibility over health amongst clients and their families.
  • Nurturing and developing a skilled high-quality staff to raise service levels, treatment and satisfaction of the clients
  • Creating a safe and supportive therapeutic environment, which is adapted to the needs of the client and his family in a convenient, modern and advanced manner.

Towards the Staff

  • Creating a work environment which encourages learning, cooperation, thinking, initiative, fairness and integrity, flexibility, open communication, creativity and professionalism that are a drawing source for high quality personnel.
  • Developing a strong organizational-managerial culture, to oversee and control the quality of treatment and creates a compass to guide the way towards promoting the wellbeing and the satisfaction of the service providers.
  • Encouraging a learning and knowledge enrichment culture, promoting research and development, while maintaining a dignified position at the forefront of advance and technology.