Unit Phone Number

Unit: 08-9441340
Fax: 08-9411605

Clinic: 08-9441515, 08-9441564
Fax: 08-9441898

Day care: 08-9441374, 08-9441822
Fax: 08-9441854


Ward manager: Prof. Yona Kosashvili

The orthopedics ward in the Kaplan Medical Center services about 23,000 patients a year. The ward is a consultancy and treatment center for all areas of orthopedics and grands medical services within the department and clinics center in the hospital.

​Our staff specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of bone, joint, muscle, tendon and nerve diseases in adults and children. Also, the medical staff grants ambulatory services and treatment in cases of trauma and emergency arriving at the hospital. The medical care is granted by a professional skilled team of orthopedic expert doctors and interns, nurses, physical therapists, consultants, cast makers and social workers.

Main Areas of Expertise for the Orthopedics Ward:

Upper limb unit

Caring for a variety of injuries of the upper limbs, for instance:

  • Repetitive dislocations
  • Collarbone and arm fractures
  • Shoulder joint replacement
  • Wrist injuries, muscle, tendons, and nerve injuries of the forearm
  • Elbow injuries and elbow replacement

Spinal unit

Caring for a variety of injuries of the spine, for instance:

  • Spinal trauma
  • Osteoporotic compression fracture
  • Treating chronic and acute back pain
  • Chronic and acute disc diseases
  • Degenerative diseases and oncological surgeries of the spine (as primary and secondary tumors), spinal disfigurement


The unit cares for all traumas of the musculoskeletal system:

  • Hip fractures
  • Skeletal fractures
  • Harming soft tissues

Joint replacement unit

Replacing primary and repetitive artificial joints, mostly knees and hips

Sports and arthroscopy unit

Caring for a variety of sports injuries:
Various joints, tendons, ligatures and muscles harms, using a minimally invasive or open method.

Foot and ankle unit

Caring for a variety of foot problems, for instance:

  • Correcting congenital and acquired flaws
  • Amputations
  • Caring for fractures and complications of diabetic legs
  • Caring for various ankle fractures
  • Surgeries for correction and reconstructions of flaws of the foot and toes

Pediatric orthopedic unit

  • Trauma
  • Genetic diseases
  • Congenital flaws
  • Infections and bone tumors in children
  • Skeletal disfigurement
  • Surveys for hip joints for neonates
  • Long-term follow up within the clinic

Hand surgery unit

• Trauma
• Tendons injuries
• Relieving nerves from the carpal tunnel and the elbow
• Tendon transference
• Hand plastics
• Hand tumors etc.

Academic Activity

The department is branched to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem medical school and guides students. The department guides fifth year students and handles the training of interns, family doctors and occupational doctors, and is a partner in teaching in the nursing school.


In the department, we consider a great importance in the advance and development of medicine, by integrating the clinical practice and advanced research. The department holds a branched research activity that includes cooperation with additional departments in the Medical Center and medical and research facilities in Israel and the world. The research activities include about 15 clinical medical studies in various stages, including a study to examine ways for the improvement and speeding of fracture healing, new ways to stop a massive hemorrhage from the pelvis, results and recovery after the “horsetail” syndrome, and more.  Some of the studies handle procedures which are unique to the orthopedics department in Kaplan Medical Center.


The department employs a multi-disciplinary staff which includes doctors, a nursing staff, physical therapists and a social worker. The staff holds a professional discussion about each patient, regarding the most fitting rehabilitation for him and about his return for a routine, as normal as possible. In addition, the department constantly advises the orthopedics in the “Hartzfeld” hospital (a geriatric rehabilitation hospital in Gedera).

Medical staff

Department Manager: Prof. Yona Kosashvili
Joint replacement service manager: Dr. Moti Krushinski
Arthroscopy and sports injuries manager: Dr. Tavor Hovav
Upper limb services manager: Dr. Alexander Kaven
Foot and ankle services manager: Dr. Oded Stav
Pediatrics orthopedics service manager: Dr. Lev Lapidus
Attending, hand surgery service: Dr. Amir Oron
Attending, hand surgery service: Dr. Yehuda David
Attending, minimally invasive orthopedics service: Dr. Mario Eichenblat
Attending, joint replacement service: Dr. Denis Rubinstein
Attending, foot and ankle service: Dr. Yizhar Arieli
Attending, Orthopedic trauma service: Dr. Nir Gafni
Attending, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Room, Kaplan Medical Center: Dr. Vladislav Shaier
14 interns in orthopedics department
Head nurse: Mrs. Zoharit Dahan

Second Head Nurse: Vodvoz Masha

Secretary: Mrs. Ornit Shmuel-Kachlon
Research coordinator: Mrs. Daniel Almaliach
Social worker: Mrs. Reut Svarsky
Nursing staff
Physical therapy staff