Unit Phone Number

​Telephone: 08-9441445

Fax: 08-9441906



​מתחם המעבדות המרכזיות, כניסה 15, במכון בן ארי


Lab Manager: Dr. Sarah Radian-Sadeh

Lab Activity

Scanning antibodies and antigen for HIV using an integrated combo test Ag/Ab (fourth generation)
Validating positive tests in Duo Ultra test in the lab
Testing viral load for HIV using RT-PCR. This service is provided for the Neve Or clinic, Sharon-Shomron district, Dan Petach Tikva District and the Central District.
Testing for lymphocite markers of CD4 type to follow up on immunological failures. Service provided for patients of the Neve Or clinic.
The HIV lab is one of the nine national centers for scans of infection of HIV. Positive tests are sent for validation in the WB method in the central viral lab in Sheba hospital, Tel Hashomer
The lab conducts follow up tests for HIV carriers

Medicinal failure follow up

Viral load tests for HIV using advanced molecular methods (RT-PCR) - the lab serves the Sharon-Shomron district, the Dan district, the central district and the southern district.

Follow up for immune failure

Lymphocyte markers test CD 4/8 using FLOW CYTOMETRY for patients of the Neve Or clinic
In scanning blood units the lab tests using a combo test for identification of antigens and antibodies for HIV