Unit Phone Number


​Laboratory: 08-9441201, 08-9441280

Lab manager: 08-9441749

Fax: 08-9441572


Hematology Lab

Lab Manager: Dr. Vita Mirkin

​Lab Activity

Blood count (including peripheral blood smear), Cell Blood Count (including cell morphology), cell count and differential of body fluids.
Coagulation functions, coagulation factors, tests for hyper coagulation
General urine tests, quantitative protein and sugar contents in urine
Monitoring tests for CLEXANE (anti X a) treatments
Anemia monitoring tests: ferritin, reticulocytes, hemoglobine electrophoresis.

Additional tests

Malaria and Borrelia identification in thick drop tests and immunology tests
KLEIHAUER BETKE test identifying erythrocytes in the mother’s blood cycle
NBT - test for neutrophils function, lymphocyte function (B, T, NK cells)
Quantitative SERUM FREE LIGHT CHAINS tests.

Special Services

Monitoring innovative anti-coagulation drug levels (PRADAXA)
Sending tests to third parties off hospital grounds