Unit Phone Number


Urgent Lab: 08-9441543

Pharmacology:  08-9441477

Endocrinology: 08-9441398

Fax: 08-9441572


Biochem Lab

Lab Manager: Dr. Hila Kremer - Haimovitz

Lab Activity

The lab conducts a wide variety of tests for the patients of Kaplan Medical Center and Hartzfeld Hospital, dialysis institutes in the area, outpatients, special tests for the central and the Jerusalem districts.
The lab is equipped with automatic analyzers.
The lab results are automatically transferred to a computer program (Autolab) and distributed to the computerized patient file.

Lab Sub-Units

An emergency unit, providing emergency tests service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
A routine extensive biochem tests for blood, urine and bodily fluids.
An endocrine unit performing hormonal tests, hormonal monitoring of the hypophysis and the gondas for fertility treatments
Real time PTH monitoring and βHCG tests (24 hours a day)
Molecular biology unit, identifying genetic flaws and viruses
toxicology tests unit, drug monitoring, cancer markings and metals.
Unit for identification and quantification of proteins, Electrophoresis and imuno-electrophoresis

Additional Activities

Providing answers to the needs of the research conducted in the Kaplan Medical Center.