Unit Phone Number

​To make an appointment to the poor vision clinic,  contact secretary  by telephone -
08-9441503, 08-9441447  extension 5

Information and Consulting Station for Vision Impaired and Blind

Which services are granted in the station, who is the services for, and how can you receive all the services offered through the station? All the details in the following article

The Kaplan Medical Center operates an information and consulting station for the blind and vision impaired. The station acts within the eye clinic and is one of 20 information stations that act in hospitals and HMOs in Israel. The information centers treat all those whose vision cannot be corrected using regular glasses. The service in the information center is funded by the social services ministry, through the Aleh association

Who is the service for?
The service at the station is designated for all those whose vision impairs their daily function, and experience difficulty in reading, watching TV or using the phone, difficulty in cooking, in shopping or in going down the stairs.

In medical terms, the information center assists all individuals whose sight is less than 6/24 in the better eye, after fixing using regular glasses, or those whose field of vision is smaller than 40 degrees in the better eye.

Which services can you get in the information and consulting center in the Kaplan Medical Center?
The services provided in the station are diverse and include:

  • Treatment and consulting in the decreased vision clinic, done by optometrists who can offer and match optical and electronic magnifiers for reading or watching TV.
  • Receiving rehabilitational training to acquire methods for performing daily activities, with a vision impairment. The service and the instruction are provided in the homes of the individuals in need of assist.
  • Receiving recommendations on a wide variety of auxiliaries, such as large or “talking” clocks, a buzzer that beeps when the glass is full and prevents leaks and burns, a speaking thermometer, etc.
  • A referral for the integration in social clubs, cultural and sports activities and contacting volunteers and associations. 
  • Assisting in the process of issuing a blind / vision impaired certificate, including a diagnosis of the medical condition and the justification of applying for such certificate. Assisting in the solution of various problems that might rise while issuing the certificate, such as a delay or missing documents.
  • Recognizing raising awareness to the privileges of a blind / vision impaired certificate holder, and knowing the rights if you are not entitled for such a certificate. Including: allowances and nursing services from the National Insurance, tax exemptions, receiving a disabled certificate for your car, discounts in purchasing special equipment for blind and vision impaired.

Medical Staff
The information center in the Kaplan Medical Center is managed voluntarily by Zivan Krisher, a social worker who is vision impaired and has experience, and therefore he can recommend the proper services for you.

The service is provided for free and there is no need of any obligation (form no. 17). It is recommended you bring the summary of your last visit to the eye doctor.

The decreased sight clinic is active twice a month, in the morning hours and is operated by optometrists and eye doctors, assisted by Zivan Krisher, if necessary.

The decreased sight clinic requires a referral from your eye doctor or optometrist and an obligation form (form no. 17).