Eye and Eye Socket Plastics and Tear (Lacrimal) Ducts

What are the diseases, phenomena and disruptions related to the eye sockets, the eyelids, and the tear ducts and what are the treatments for these conditions?


Eye and eye socket plastic (oculoplastic) is a medical field which is about diagnosing and treating problems such as ptosis, eyelid diseases, Exophthalmos, various tumors, tear ducts obstruction and more. The eye doctors in the Kaplan Medical Center are of the leading in Israel and the first to establish a designated tear ducts clinic.

There is a wide variety of problems included in this area, and they might be caused from infectious processes, various tumors etc. Some might only cause aesthetic disruptions while others might cause a sight impairment.

How to Diagnose and Treat?
The first stage in diagnosis is observation and inclusive exam by an expert eye doctor. Later on, there might be a need for neurological exams, CT scans, MRI imaging or advanced tests such as EMG which examines the electric activity of the nerves, according to the disease or disruption diagnosed.

The various tests are conducted in part in the Kaplan Medical Center, but some of them are conducted out of the hospital.

Treating the diseases is also diverse, and uses various drugs, such as antibiotics, steroids and in some cases chemotherapeutic drugs administered by drops, ointments, injections, intravenous drip or orally.

In certain situations there might be need for a surgical treatment, a surgery. Especially when discussing an obstruction of the tear ducts, which is a common situation for children. Most surgeries are done under local anesthesia and there is no need for admittance afterwards. Some cases are more complex and the surgeries will be done under general anesthesia and admittance for observation.

The unit doctors are pioneers in performing tear duct surgeries endoscopically, which is performed together with the ear nose and throat unit, in order to allow a better and more precise approach to the source of the block, nasally.

The eye and eye socket plastics clinic is a part of the ophthalmology ward in the Kaplan Medical Center. A referral to the ophthalmology clinic can be obtained from your ophthalmologist, using the form no. 17.

Medical staff

Attending Doctors:
Dr. Asher Milshtein
Dr. Yohai Shoshani