Children Intensive Care

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Hospitalization in pediatric intensive care unit

The unit staff is always ready to receive a “new” and complex patient to the unit.
The treatment is determined according to the disease and the status of the patient
We consider the patient and the family as a single unit. The parents may stay with the child all the time and receive updated medical information about his condition and they are complete partners in the care and in the decision making process.
Our role as unit staff – to escort the parents along the admittance of their child, while providing attention, explanations, guidance and comfort and share support parties according to need, from the moment they enter the unit until they are discharged.

We have no doubt that the parents’ presence by the child’s bed decreases the child’s anxieties and raises the family’s confidence.
During the admittance time, the team conducts guidance regarding following treatments and also special trainings such as resuscitation course, avoiding accidents at home and more.
Educational staff (school and preschool teachers) are in daily contact with the staff and as much as the health status of the patients allow, they can enjoy the educational services of the unit, play in a variety of games, watch DVDs or listen to music.


The entrance to the unit is only allowed for parents and during the night – only a single parent is allowed to stay. We recommend that the parents switch also during the day, especially when regarding long admittance periods.
Sometimes, when a parent can’t stay next to his child’s bed, we will allow (upon request) the entrance of another family member.


Our nursing staff includes 15 academic nurses who were trained and passed a course of “Pediatric intensive care”.

Paramedical Staff

In caring for children we have a multi-disciplinary staff including nutritionists, ventilation technicians, social workers, lab workers, educational staff and medical clowns.