Children Intensive Care

Admittance to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Dear parents, your child was admitted to the children’s intensive care unit, and we know this is a rough time for you. It is important you know that we are here to help and you are welcome to come to us with any question or problem.

The unit staff wishes your stay will be as short as possible and your child will get well soon!

During your admittance to the unit, only parents (or another significant relative) can stay with the child. No other visitors are allowed, in order to prevent the exposure of the patients to infections and also to allow proper work of our staff.
From the same reasons, in spite of the option of family visit, you are requested to decrease the number of visitors as much as possible.
Doctors’ rounds are held every day between 10:00-12:00. During rounds, treatments or the nurses’ shift change, the parents are requested to leave the unit. Other than that, you are welcome to stay next to your child. Between 12:00-13:00 you can receive information from the doctors and/or nurses.
Additional services – social services, psychological service and nutritionist, sessions can be coordinated with the nursing staff.
There is a lounge next to the unit, for your convenience. The lounge is neither a dining room nor a sleeping room – we ask you to hold to that rule. You are allowed to drink cold and hot beverages in the lounge. You are kindly requested to maintain the lounge organized. It is forbidden to sit and wait in front of the entrance to the unit, you should wait in the lounge.
You have a parents’ room, a cloak room and a kitchen. With your admittance, you will receive a key to the room and you will be able to leave your belongings there. Due to a limitation in the number of places, only one parent will stay overnight. The sheets will be changed once every few days by the parents and the dirty sheets will be left in the hamper next to the unit. Do not leave personal belongings in the unit. The hospital is not responsible for loss or theft of items left unattended. You are requested to maintain the rooms organized and lock the door when you leave  the room. Leave the key at the nurses’ station.
For an admittance time longer than 24 hours, it is recommended to bring food and utensils. You are allowed to enter a computer and a radio to the room, but no other devices. It is strictly forbidden to operate a Sabbath hot plate or light candles in the rooms, lounges and around the unit.
Before the child’s discharge, you are requested to leave the room organized. In any problem please go to the staff immediately.
In the children wards there are a classroom and a kindergarten, when the child’s status allows, you can participate in the various activities and loan books, a computer and toys.
Around the hospital there are various cafeterias and coffee corners, in the main entrance to the hospital.
Parents who are interested can be assisted with the services of “Ezer MiTzion” that provide free meals for families of the children admitted to the hospital.
Religious parents who are staying in the hospital over Saturdays and holidays can be assisted with the services of Rabbi Yeret, whose phone number is available with the nurses. Also, our hospital has a synagogue, in the basement floor, next to the main building.
Lending equipment can be done in the “Netiv Ha’Chesed” offices on the first floor next to the x-ray unit. Opening hours: 11:00-14:00

Dear parents,
You are complete partners in the course of admittance, in receiving updated information about the child’s status, in the diagnosis, care and recovery process. You can receive guidance from the nurses regarding all the devices used, or any procedure that is taking place.
We ask you not to touch the devices. They are expensive, delicate and sometimes complicated to operate. An operation by an unskilled individual might harm your child and the device.

In hopes that your time here will be as short as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and get well soon

The unit staff