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Integrated Clinic for Heart Disease During Pregnancy

Prof. Sorel Goland and Prof. Edi Weisbuch

Kaplan Cardiology clinic has expanded its services for pregnant women and acts as an integrated clinic for heart disease during pregnancy. This is a unique clinic in the south and Shfela areas.

The expanded clinic staff, which includes expert gynecologists, cardiologists and nurses, diagnoses women with heart problems from day one of pregnancy in order to prevent complications during pregnancy, child birth and post-partum. Its objective is to provide an extensive service which includes the creation of a regulated guidance plan for pregnancy, including imaging tests, strict follow up and quick care with the mother’s full cooperation.

Prof. Sorel Goland, the manager of the heart failure unit in the Kaplan Cardiac Department, managed by Prof. Kobi George, is the head of the integrated clinic for heart disease during pregnancy, having accumulated great experience in the largest centers in the world for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease during pregnancy. “There is great importance in the chances of women suffering from heart conditions during their attempts to get pregnant and during the pregnancy itself to maintain strict follow up of a multi-disciplinary expert team which is in constant contact,” she explain. “We are full partners with our patients from the decision of bringing a baby into the world, we guide her from the beginning of pregnancy due to fetal risks which include complete cardiac clarifications, and up to the stage of recommendations to mother and baby post-partum”.
Prof. Goland explains that in irregular cases of women with heart problems, pregnancy is almost impossible and even risks the woman’s life. “Possible problems are valve diseases or cardiac muscle diseases, which are known prior to pregnancy. It should be mentioned that often, the problem is first discovered during pregnancy, following applications of pregnant women due to shortness of breath or heart pounding, which might also be a part of a normal pregnancy. In addition, in rare cases, there is a possibility of developing a new heart failure due to the pregnancy. These conditions should be accurately diagnosed. Strictly followed up and medically taken care of, in a way which matches both mother and fetus specifically, to enable the fetus’ survival in the womb,” she says. “Additionally, the mother will receive guidance and follow up of a maternity nurse and a cardiology nurse, thus providing her with a supportive environment to bring impressive results of healthy mother and baby, just like the case of Shoshana and sweet baby Romi”.

Women suffering from heart problems, who are interested in getting pregnant or are currently pregnant, are welcome to contact us and schedule an appointment in the clinic: 08-9440247

Please bring a letter from your doctor and Form 17 to the clinic with you.

Shoshana Feldman (35, in the picture), a resident of Rehovot a financial manager in an import company was born in Kaplan with a few heart faults and required an open heart surgery at the age of 8. She suffers from severe valve failures and arrhythmias. “At first I feared getting pregnant, due to the actual risk in the various stages of pregnancy and childbirth,” she says. “It took a long while for me to get pregnant and it was obvious I needed constant care just like I received in Kaplan, with top notch experts in OB/GYN and cardiology immediately and efficiently, in a way that eases daily coping”. On the 15th of August this year, Shoshana gave birth to a healthy daughter named Romi, weighing 2.592 kgs, in a caesarean section, in the presence of Dr. Roni Levi, delivery rooms manager. Romi is the sister of 7 year old Almog.
“The blessed involvement of the new clinic continued after the successful childbirth,” Shoshana describes. “Immediately after childbirth, Dr. Matitiahu performed a heart echo for the baby and to my relief, the results were normal. This is a closure for me, as Dr. Matitiahu was the doctor who treated me when I was born…”