About the Breast Health Center

The service at the center was planned to provide an answer in all that relates to diagnosing breast diseases under a single roof, and through the upmost coordination between all the medical staff involved. The service includes: doctor’s examination, mammography, breast ultra sound and biopsies, if necessary. The center is equipped with innovative state-of-the-art equipment: digital mammography, equipment for stereotactic biopsies and mammotome. In urgent cases the center offers the possibility to schedule an urgent appointment on the next day. There is no need of a doctor’s referral to arrive at the center, only form no. 17.
The center also offers guidance and support for patients and family members, provided by a coordinating nurse and a social worker.
We have chosen to present to you the main and important devices used for early diagnosis of breast cancer:
3D mammography (Tomosystemasys)
Mammography is one of the most important devices for the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Mammography conducts an x-ray of the breasts (two x-rays for each breast). The new digital system operating in the breast health center provides high quality x-rays and enables the electronic collection and storage of all the data, and the reading of the images on a large screen, which decreases the need for repetitive x-rays and the need to develop and print images.

Breast Ultra-Sound
A breast ultra-sound exam is an imaging exam that is used often as a complementary test for mammography, especially for young women. The exam also allows a more exact characterization of findings discovered in the mammography.
Ultra-sound guided biopsies: if there was a finding in the ultra-sound, that requires further clarification, an ultra-sound guided biopsy can be performed on the spot. The biopsy is done under local anesthesia and involves poking the tumor while looking through the ultra-sound.

Stereotactic biopsies: In cases that require a biopsy of a finding only observed in the mammography – the biopsy can be performed using a mammotome (a special biopsy needle) and with stereotactic orientation – meaning the mammographic guidance using a special table and a computer system.

The clinics available to you at the breast health center:
Surgical clinic – the center operates a surgical clinic manned with a senior surgeon five days a week. The surgeon is the supervising doctor for the patient, and he guides her to perform more tests, clarifications, treatments or follow ups, according to need.
Follow up clinic for women with high risk to get breast cancer: based on a family background or a genetic mutation – in cooperation with gynecologists and oncologists.
Oncologic consult clinic managed by Dr. Noa Ben-Baruch, manager of the oncologic institute – for women diagnosed with breast cancer, according to need.
Plastic surgery consult clinic – for women who require an integration of plastic surgery within breast cancer and other breast diseases surgeries.