Medical Tourism

  • Medical Tourism

    Medical Tourism

    Carmel Medical Center offers some of the most advanced and high-quality medical services for foreign nationals.
  • A Leader in Surgery

    A Leader in Surgery

    The advanced array of surgical divisions in the Carmel Medical Center has set itself a goal of treating patients suffering from problems in the field of general surgery.

Carmel Medical Center - Follow your heart

CT – World Class Imaging

The most technologically advanced CT device awaits you in Carmel Medical Center, together with more world-class imaging services.   

Leaders in Surgery

Carmel Medical Center addresses problems in General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Gynecology, Ophthalmology and complex ENT procedures. 

Surgery Center

Everything you need to undergo the surgery successfully under one roof.
Queue coordination, pre-operative testing, post-operative follow-up and more.​

IVF & Fertility

Carmel's Fertility and IVF Unit provides state-of-the-art professional services, with the world's most innovative means of treatment. 

Cardiovascular Center

​The cardiovascular center, includes a catheterization institute, an intensive care unit, an inpatient cardiology department, cardiac and chest surgery and vascular surgery.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Everything you need to know before and after birth. From genetic chip and survey to natural birth and zero separation. We are here with all the indulgence and professionalism.​

Institute of Medical Genetics

The Institute provides prenatal genetic counseling for couples and families with hereditary diseases in the family and deals with the detection of genetic deseases.

Lung Cancer Diagnostic Center

This life saving center has renowned experts in several fields who are all involved in the early detection and overall treatment of lung cancer.