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Fertility and IVF

The Fertility and IVF Unit in Carmel is one of the oldest such units in Israel. It is the largest public unit of Clalit Healthcare Services in the district of Haifa and Western Galilee, and it provides a variety of diagnoses and advanced therapies.

Fertility and IVF



The Unit serves a population of 750,000 residents, including patients of all healthcare organizations in Israel – Maccabi, Leumit, Meuhedet and all the private insurers that have an arrangement with the Hospital.


Since its establishment, more than 4,000 babies were born as a result of the Unit’s treatments.


The Unit at Carmel Medical Center has the goal, the ideals and the vision that position it as a center of excellence and as a leading unit in the level of service for patients, as well as in teaching and research.

The Unit at Carmel Medical Center has the goal, the ideals and the vision that position it as a center of excellence and as a leading unit in the level of service for patients, as well as in teaching and research.

The IVF Unit's goal is to service the community in general, and couples that are afflicted by fertility disorders in particular, in the highest medical standard in every type of novel and world-class treatment.

We acknowledge and affirm the natural right and will to parenthood, as a fundamental component of the human experience; we are aware of the serious personal and professional responsibility required of us as individuals and as a team. We know how important are the compassion and support each of our patient should receive.

We provide service knowing that not every treatment ends in pregnancy and childbirth for the patient and her partner, so we believe in personal support and counseling that takes into account our patients' personal and professional characteristics. We are committed to treating every case with professionalism, without prejudgment, and to do so with integrity and humaneness.

Although the rate of pregnancies and successes is very important to the unit and its reputation, the health and safety of the patient, her partner and the baby about to be born are the utmost priorities of the caregiving team.

We are committed to the needs of patients by striving for excellence, providing the highest level of service and applying the most advanced knowledge and technologies available, supported by research and teaching.

The experienced and skilled IVF unit staff includes expert doctors, embryologists, nurses trained in fertility treatments, and specially-trained secretaries – all of them accompany the patients through the various treatments.


Counseling and Diagnoses in the Unit

  • Male and Female Fertility Clinic

  • IVF Clinic

  • Fertility Preservation Clinic

  • Special Sperm tests: Morphology According to Kruger

  • Survival Test

  • PCT

  • Genetic Counseling by an Expert Team

  • Endoscopic Unit for Diagnosis and Treatment (Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy)

  • Advanced Delivery Room and NICU

  • Collaboration with the Endometriosis Clinic

  • Cervix Clinic

  • Nutrition Service

  • Body-Mind Program

  • For Those Interested – Supervision by a Pu'ah Institute Representative

The Unit offers a range of fertility treatments and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), and it allows moving between treatments with the same doctors without red tape. The treatments are:

* IVF treatments are provided to member of all healthcare insurance organizations

  • Ovulation tracking and ovulation induction under close supervision

  • Pelvic ultrasound and ovarian-follicle tracking

  • Intra-uterine insemination (IUI)

  • IVF treatment

  • Ovarian vitrification (for social fertility preservation [a paid service])

  • Eggs, embryos and ovarian tissue cryopreservation before chemotherapy and radiation

  • Micromanipulation – injecting sperm into egg in fertility treatments

  • Embryo freezing, thawing and frozen embryo transfer

  • Laser-Assisted Hatching – using laser to hatch the embryo and implant it in the uterus

  • Sperm bank providing service to other fertility units in the Northern District, certified and supervised by the Ministry of Health

  • Testicle surgery and biopsy

  • Sperm freezing for backup and before chemotherapy

  • Pooling – locating sperm cells, collecting them and freezing them for later treatment.

The Carmel Hospital's IVF Unit has developed over the years a variety of innovative methods and unique treatments, some of which are implemented in other leading units around the world. Many years of fine results attest to the unit's excellence.

The Unit has a long tradition of academic activity. It is affiliated with the Technion's Faculty of Medicine, and its senior doctors are regularly elected as top lecturers in that faculty. The Unit's team participates regularly in professional conferences in Israel and abroad, and had presented hundreds of projects, gaining much appreciation from colleagues.

Being certified as a training entity by the Scientific Counsel, the Unit has a structured system of teaching for trainee doctors and students.

The clinical and basic research complex is based on collaboration with the Technion's Faculty of Medicine, leading research labs all over the world and start-up companies.

Members of the Unit's staff won prestigious awards from the Israel Fertility Association, for clinical and basic research.

As part of a holistic treatment approach, which cares for the body as well as for the mind, every treatment is personalized, considering the patient's needs and his/her wellbeing.

The patients are offered a structured program for preparing their bodies and minds before treatment begins. Recently, a professional method aimed at alleviating the patients' anxiety has been incorporated in the treatments.

As part of clinical trials conducted by the Unit, the patients are offered innovative drugs and treatments that are not included in the Ministry of Health's Health Services Basket – free of charge.

We believe that the combination of uncompromising professionalism and the special care and service that patients receive is at the top of our priorities.

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